Abhishek Dixit’s inspiring journey from failed businesses to SilverFox digital marketing agency 

Success depends mostly on your attitude, hard work and perseverance. That is what Abhishek Dixit, who runs a rapidly growing digital marketing agency, believes and practices. Abhishek Dixit, 26, from South Delhi, never gave up even after failing in several businesses. Today, he owns a well-established digital marketing agency named as SilverFox. The company is growing at a much faster pace. The origin of this firm is Indian base however, it is expanding and working in the US as well. 

Abhishek Dixit’s inspiring journey

Meet Abhishek Dixit, a strong-willed mechanical engineer, who has different aspirations in his life. At the young age of 26, he has clarity in his mind that he cannot be a part of the rat race that’s prevalent everywhere. The corporate world is not meant for him. Hailing from South Delhi, he did graduate as an engineer from G. L Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida, U.P. Well as the norm goes, after he completed his graduation, he has been seeking a job in the mechanical engineering field. He does receive some lucrative offers too. However, it didn’t excite him. Abhishek always wishes to have control of his life in his hands. Staying incorporated means his efforts are guided by his bosses. They will be aligned as per the corporate vision. That is not his aim.  

Abhishek took a step back and focus on starting his own business.

However, understanding his cup of business, made him burnt his hands. He went on from trying to sell shoes online to selling orthopedics products in Dehradun, and everything possible. Yet fail at everything that he tried his hands at. But, Abhishek never gave up. 

Failure paved the path to success

In his words, “I guess after failing in 7-8 businesses I was depressed, in self-doubts, and ran out of money.” At the same time, there is something that keeps saying to him, that this is the lowest point in life. From now onwards you are going to fly high. That became the turning point in his life and he decides to do any job that can fetch him some good money. 

Soon he receives a job in a Digital Marketing agency. Unfortunately, within a few months, the agency closes its business and fired all employees. Life has been topsy-turvy for him. 

Gradually he regains his confidence and realizes that he could establish his own digital marketing agency. Though this isn’t a cakewalk, however, his determination was asking him to try again with full strength. 

Fresh beginning

In the year 2019, he begins a fresh chapter of his life by the name of SilverFox digital marketing agency. And have some esteemed clients to work with. Despite the covid-19 global crisis, his firm sails smooth. Abhishek today is managing a team of digital marketing professionals who are dedicatedly working for SilverFox. He also hires freelancers if there is a requirement based on the projects he has.

A little about SilverFox digital marketing agency

The Indian origin based SilverFox is one of the comprehensive digital marketing agencies based in India and the USA. The company offers a 360-degree service under the array of digital marketing. This includes

Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Logo, and Creative Designing. The team provides long-term, forward-looking growth solutions and tactical digital marketing services to business clients, who are looking for growth.

SilverFox is fortunate to have clients namely Dream11, Yatra, The Lalit, Lottoland, OYO,  Orleans College of Pharmacy, and Cashkaro.

Till now the motto of the firm has been to keep the client’s requirements as their top priority. Further, they do give credit to them for the success they have achieved. 

The team is grateful to its clients in their words SilverFox says, “we wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients. We’re lucky to have worked with some great companies of all shapes and sizes.” Last year the company expands its wings and launched its new branch in Florida, USA, which operates as SilverFox USA. This makes them a global name. 

Yes, the success, is adding to his fate, however, Abhishek is determined to make it bigger than what it is at the moment. He says, “Yes, It’s good that things are growing on a positive note. However, I have just begun at the moment, and still have miles to go!” 

Summing up his thoughts

He believes that hard work and perseverance are the only things required to live a better life. Talking about his philosophy on the life he believes that a better life is not the one that is financially prosperous only! He is a man who has a zest for understanding the purpose of life and these days he is reading the world famous book Death – An inside story by Sadhguru. This reflects from his actions that he is an avid reader apart from being a passionate businessman.

Abhishek is a learner at heart, and always searching to know more about new technology. Presently, he has started searching for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He is also keen to invest in cryptocurrencies.  

As he smiles and said I will be happily dwelling on mountains rather than beaches. At the moment, he is happily focusing on the growth of a digital marketing agency. You can know about SilverFox by visiting their website – www.silverfoxsolution.com

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