10 year old  Kush and Manav creating NFTs with Lightulb

LightulbNFT is created by group of school and college students. They are well known in creating modern, unique and stunning NFTs, they have launched many NFTs like Metawitch, Pastel Weasley Family and their current project is Pastel Chamaco. Design of Pastel Chamaco is mind blowing because it is designed by 10 year old cousin brothers and their creativity thinking has brought a new NFT in front of NFT investors and lovers. The word “Chamaco” is originated from Mexican language which means kids, the reason for choosing this name is to dedicate to the two designers Kush and Manav. Kush and Manav are designers for Pastel Chamaco project, these two small kids were drawing pictures from their childhood. Since their designs are distinctive when compared to other pictures or drawings drawn by other artist, LightulbNFT team wanted to give them a recognition by launching their NFTs.

            Pastel Chamaco is created by LightulbNFT fam is a collection of 1000 pastel meta daughters, each having a unique personality and trait. These are designed using pastels and the presence of these meta daughters in the metaverse illuminates high spirits. The trait of every meta daughter is represented by their unique appearance and they hold their specialty in their hand where the power of every meta daughter resides.

            Kush Raj Deo and Manav Raj Deo are 10 year old cousin brothers, studying 4th class. Both of them are from Bihar but studying in different schools, their habit of watching animated cartoons and drawing unite them together always whenever they meet. Kush father, Manglesh Deo is a manager and Manav father is school teacher, they are also helping their kids to know more about designing and helping them to express their ideas and actions as per their interest. Kush and Manav teaches again the world that age doesn’t matter if you want to succeed in the world. Focus on your goal and work consistently and honestly. Checkout their breathtaking “Pastel Chamaco” NFT launched on rarible platform.Kush loves to play cricket and Manav is more interested towards Free Fire and other than that Kush even loves dancing Manav enjoy playing Carrom .

 As years pass by generation of technology improves, expectation of humans also increase because of which now we are looking to create similar world like earth and focusing on Mars. Human evolution goes along with technology improvement to compete with future problems and to find solution to run entire world without pollution. Virtual world is now taking over physical world to give more realistic experience, to stop spread of diseases and to provide complete security with the help of block chain.  NFT arises from block chain, which is virtual art can sell, buy or auction through NFT platforms. It attracts a lot of people because it has many advantages they are, using NFT people can play game and earn and can hold unique art in virtual world which is registered through block chain so no one can deceive on ownership.

Pastel Chamaco – https://rarible.com/pastelchamaco

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