builds high converting sales funnels for coaches, consultants & experts.

Monetize your knowledge with  

If you are an online consultant, creator, coach or online expert and are looking to monetize your knowledge, then is the perfect solution for you! Yourfunnels create high converting done for your sales funnels. There are a variety of funnels you can choose from, such as lead magnet funnels, course funnels, email funnels, workshop funnels, and book funnels. 

If you have expertise in a particular area, why not monetize your knowledge by selling it online? With, you can create online courses & high ticket coaching programs and sell it to others who are interested in learning what you know. It’s a great way to make an online income stream, and it’s also a great way to share your knowledge with the world. 

coaches consultants face many challenges selling online 

There’s no question that coaches and consultants face many challenges when it comes to selling online. They need to be able to find the right clients, build trust, and close the deal. 

Most importantly, they don’t know how to build sales funnels because it is a complex process which requires different expertise & skills. 

But what if there was a way to make the process easier? Well, that’s where YourFunnels comes in. 

YourFunnels is a team of high-performing individuals who are passionate about helping clients succeed, with founder Shantanu Shrivastava leading from the front. yourfunnels offers a range of sales funnels that can help you monetize your knowledge and grow your business. 

websites are dead & funnels are the modern way of selling online 

Websites were so last century. If you want to make money from your knowledge, you need to have high converting sales funnels. Yourfunnels builds done for you funnels for monetizing your expertise, and we make it easy for you to get started. 

With, you can create funnels that lead your users through a series of content, culminating in a purchase or sign-up. It’s the perfect way to sell your products, services, or courses. And best of all, no hassle at all.! 

yourfunnels founder – Shantanu Shrivastava being optimistic about the ed-tech industry 

Founder Shantanu believes that selling your knowledge online is the best way of monetizing your skills and knowledge. Selling offline is a very exhausting process that involves many challenges & limitations that come naturally. 

The online education industry worldwide is booming, and there can never be a better time than today to start selling online. 

Digital products are the present and the future & to sell digital products and 7 services, you need sales funnels to make things simpler &b automating the process. This is where your funnels come into play. 


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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