Viji K. Varghese – An Inspiration for You and your Business Growth.

Born into an ordinary farming family in Kerala. From a young age, he had the desire to work hard  and achieve his dreams. He studied in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. He holds many degrees and diplomas in journalism, Computer Science, Printing Technology, Phycology, Business Management, Sales and Marketing and Digital Marketing etc…

Having no business heritage to claim, he started a venture at his own free will at the age of nineteen. The dream venture was shut down for 4 years due to lack of proper guidance and lack of business knowledge.

But he did not allow himself to be defeated there either. The latter period was an attempt to achieve the goals set out in the dream. Many years later with the lessons learned from experience and the desire to struggle. In Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, he struggled with his studies, business and worked  to achieve his goals. Learned a lot. Life taught me a lot. He started many businesses. Profits and losses, ups and downs were all seen.

He has been active in various fields of business including Finance, Real Estate, Printing, Manufacturing and Sales Marketing for over 25 years.

Today he is the Founder and CEO of Tiara Business Group. And is at the helm of more than seven businesses organizations.

“Teaching one’s own experiences is greater than learning from books.” In the light of his past twenty-five years of experience, accomplishments, ups and downs, his Mentorship, Business Coaching, Start-up Training, Counseling, Sales and Marketing Training will help New and Old Business people to reach their own heights.

He believes that imparting knowledge is for the good of others and enhancing self-knowledge, and that it is a great achievement to have provided over 40,000 Motivational Training, more than 25,000 Start-up Training, Mentoring and Counseling to thousands of Business People. It continues to this day.

He Provide Online / Offline Training  for Individuals and Corporates.

He has been successful in encouraging and guiding new entrepreneurs with the goal of “the difficulties I experienced in my early days and the lack of training should not be passed on to future generations”.

His posts on Social Media “Daily Motivation Thoughts” have thousands of followers.

He will guide you to success by providing you with the strategies and training you need at the Sales, Marketing, Branding, Promotion and Management levels needed to grow and achieve a business.

He does not believe in luck but in hard work, straight forwardness and honesty. It also sets the standard for a social commitment to provide  services free of charge to those who deserve it.

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