Two Men and Their Journey to Success: Avinash Singh and Yugesh Kushwaha

Another example set by young entrepreneurs Avinash Singh & Yugesh Kushwaha aka Digital Yugesh added to the list of growing experts in the digital world.

Avinash Singh (Founder of MediaTrend), was born on August 27 1997 in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, India. Yugesh Kushwaha (Co-founder of MediaTrend), was born on February 02, 1999, in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, India. Both completed their education (PGDM) from JIMS Kalkaji with a specialization in Business Analytics and Marketing and they currently live in Noida.

MediaTrend, ( a company founded by two young men with no business background started the journey of bringing interesting ideas and unique concepts to the table with deep knowledge of the digital world and the users of it.

How they work together as a team

We started as friends but then decided to work together in this very highly competitive field, as we believed in each other’s talents and common vision.” “We decided to compete as friends to work together as one team and achieved huge success, with strong trust and leadership. It’s great to work with a friend!” These are just a few examples where entrepreneurial friendships seem to work so well together. And in each example, it is a true demonstration of what makes people so good at building their own little empires of success. The Entrepreneurial Spirit So it is clear that the ability to work with people who you truly admire is a great strength of a great entrepreneur. But as the adage goes: good relationships lead to success, but great relationships, success.

For years, Avinash & Yugesh has been delivering interesting and innovative services that are personalized for their clients. These services include digital publishing, social media marketing, online marketing political campaigns and Influencer Marketing.

Avinash and Yugesh are the millennial geniuses whose great ideas and vision is finally finding fruition after coming from a long, rough, and winding road.

Avinash Singh has been an expert in Influencer Marketing and Political campaigns for several years now and is today one of the top authorities in the industry. A serial entrepreneur himself, Yugesh has an immense expertise in Ads and graphics.

Why you need to follow them

Both Avinash and Yugesh have made amazing contributions in creating opportunities for young people and building sustainable businesses. Since their success has brought new opportunities to the entire community of young people. we at Young Indian Digital published a list of tips to follow if you want to be an

influential digital influencer.They took forward MediaTrend in the field of digital marketing where they both very efficiently handled popular brand’s social media accounts and campaigns in order to reach millions.

Today, MediaTrend has expanded to being a leading digital marketing agency which undertakes all tasks from website creation, social media marketing, Successful Political campaigns and management etc for various Parties & brands in India, it is certain that in a short span the digital marketing agency will expand like the MediaTrend Group of companies.

Today, Avinash & Yugesh who help global clients in all their digital marketing needs, while still maintaining a close connection with his clients through weekly client check

-ups. They know your customers’ online journey better than anyone else! These example set by Avinash Singh and Yugesh Kushwaha clearly shows how innovation and inspiration can propel small-business owners towards success. Now, let’s see what we can learn from these people! “> Entrepreneurship has taken the nation by storm lately. No matter what industry you are in, it is impossible to avoid entrepreneurs if you are active online. But many of us are not entrepreneurs. For instance, you don’t have a startup. You probably are not the type of person who builds and sells a company. But you can still be an entrepreneur in your daily life.

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