Tutology – India’s most affordable online learning Ed Tech company

It’s a truth that online learning is the future and will certainly replace traditional classroom learning in the future, and Tutology, an Ed-Tech company based in Assam, India, has made online coaching more accessible to more students with the most cost-effective choice. Tutology, a company that is revolutionizing online education, was formed with the goal of reaching every child on the country and giving them the strongest online education at a low cost.

Tutology offers convenience and a broad number of academic options with online Live courses on all subjects for students from std I to std XII by subject matter experts from all over India, as the world of education becomes more tech-savvy and digitalized. Tutology is enabling people to study from anywhere at a low cost, saving them not just time but also money and removing financial barriers.

In fact, a lack of funds is a barrier to many school-going students receiving a proper education, and students from low-income backgrounds have had difficulty fitting into this equation of excellent education. Tutology entered the picture with its wide range of live and interactive lessons on all academic disciplines, including personality development and motivation sessions, at a minimal cost of just 599 INR per month, long before tuition expenses became a worry. Tutology’s fee is the only thing that sets them apart from the crowd, and even if you seek for institutes with these attributes, you will run out of options.

The founders at Tutology says “We’ve established Tutology in a Box, which enables us to provide high-quality education at a cheap cost to every student, regardless of their financial situation, by using a lot of technology. This allows us to better prepare lessons, provide content in real-time, and teach with fun, frolic, and nature. We recognize that, as a result of the Pandemic, many students are unable to receive proper education due to their parents’ financial circumstances, which is why we established Tutology, where we charge a very low monthly fee of 599/- for each student to cover various expenses and build a smooth bridge between education and each student for a better future.” Learn more and enroll now – www.tutology.in

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