These Pune youngsters, providing the best treatment to patients: LFG Cares, the noble service to people.

Healthcare sector is one of the costliest streams to start any new venture. But since technology is evolving, there’s lot of scope for innovation. Application of modern and updated methods to improve the life of people expects the great investment and manpower. 

But LFG (Life For Growth) Cares has a different story. Bhushan Bawiskar along with his co-founder Rohit Nandre started the hospital management company, LFG in the year 2017. LFG has been established with a mission to provide the best healthcare facility to the people and make the best medical facility available to all the people of all the sectors society.

But how did become possible to establish such a huge chain in very least time?

Well. It’s a story of 7 years ago. Then, Bhushan and Rohit were working in different hospitals in admin department. But although they were working in many small hospitals it was very hard for them to make the ends meet as they used to get very less salary. But they didn’t bother. Because they sustained there to learn ins and outs of the hospital management industry.

They both worked in many hospitals for 3 years. In this duration they learnt many complex and crucial things like HR management system, Hospital OPD system, IPD and OT management, Hospital administration. But along with these, they also learnt the external and connecting components like online and offline marketing, Insurance and Mediclaim management, staff management and everything.

After learning these things these youngsters decided to start their own company of hospital management to provide the best service to patients from all sections of the society. This resulted in the establishment of LFG in the year 2017. But its initial incorporation was made in a small 1BHK, in Pune. But the service they had intended to give was not small.

In the beginning LFG started surgery clinics to provide the best treatments for piles, fissure and fistula at an affordable rate.  Though their concentration was towards giving service in all general surgeries, they stressed on the above related operations in Pune.

Starting from their Bhushan and his co-founder started expanding the business by starting the clinics related to other segments like circumcision surgery, kidney stone, eye and cataract surgery and joint replacement surgery by robotic technology. Today they have started their clinics in around 10+ cities in Maharashtra like Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Dhule, Satara, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Aurangabad and others.

Recently an anorectal treatment has gained lot of popularity and has brought them a good name for LFG. This made them to be the most preferred clinic for anorectal surgery. This is due to the best service they have been providing in many cities.

LFG’S mission is to upgrade all forms of hospital and healthcare unit by providing the quality & best service in budget price to the patients around the world. And they want to position themselves for the most promising choice in a healthcare sector.

Interestingly they never spend on marketing and they make best operations. Their focus is to just give the quality service. This it is fetching them the mouth publicity which is the highest form of marketing.

They are the fastest growing hospital chain in India now. Connecting with many hospitals across the Maharashtra state they aim to provide the best possible service through their minimal packages like LFG Cares Bachat package. It includes the complete end to end service for the patient right from the OPD admission to surgeries and claims and everything.

LFG has been the most successful surgery clinic in Maharashtra and gained wide fame in very less period. But amazingly none of the founders, Bhushan and Rohit have studied in IIT or IIM or in any other top grade B-School. But their passion and commitment towards the society is making them to produce great results. This will be the outcome when you’re empathetic and always think of innovative things. Most important they are profitable and 1st bootstrap company in healthcare domain. They want to become like Zerodha in Health and Hospital domain.



LFG Cares is best surgery clinic for general surgery, ortho surgery and cataract surgery.

Durvesh Yadav

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