The Iconic Finance Professional: Kamall Jaddwani & his Journey toward Building JADWANI & CO.

Time and again have proven that determination and hard work give you the strength to fight all odds to achieve your dreams. This is a story of a young Finance professional from the small town of Jabalpur who, by dint of his dedication and willpower, has created his name as a financial icon in the Finance Industry.Kamall Jaddwani is the Founder& Sr. Partner of JADWANI & CO., a leading Chartered Accountant Firm providing the best financial assistance.

Kamall Jaddwani is a self-made Chartered Accountant,Certified Fraud Examiner& Insolvency Professional who took his career to the height of building his own Establishment,JADWANI & CO., a Chartered Accountancy firm headquartered in Nagpur established in 2017. In just seven years, he has built an impressive network of offices in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur, supported by a team of dedicated Professionals. His firm is dedicated to Integrated Financial Problem Solving.

Integrated Financial Problem Solver refers to a comprehensive suite of financial services that aim to address various financial challenges faced by individuals, businesses, and organizations. An Integrated Financial Problem Solver offers a holistic approach to managing a client’s financial life, ensuring that all aspects of their financial needs are addressed in a cohesive and coordinated manner. This allows clients to focus on their personal and professional lives while the financial problem solver helps them navigate the complexities of the financial world.

These services often encompass a wide range of areas like Financial Accounting, Audit &Planning, Investment Management, Tax Planning, Compliance, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, Risk Management, Debt Management, Cash Flow Management, Business Advisory Services, Due Diligence, Fraud Investigations and much more related to all financial assistance.

Kamall Jaddwani is an ideal instance of the effectiveness of tenacity and grit. Being from a middle-class family, Kamal had to start working at the age of 16 in order to pay his school expenses. His early entry into the workforce brought him under the mentorship of a Chartered Accountant who gave him priceless advice regarding finances and Accounts.

Inspired by this experience, Kamall enrolled in the Chartered Accountancy Program, successfully completing it on his first attempt in 2010. His remarkable accomplishment caught the attention of ICICI Bank, which selected him for a prestigious campus placement. Kamall continued to progress in his educational endeavors, demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning. He earned a Diploma in Information System Audit in 2017, expanding his knowledge and skills in the realm of IT and financial auditing. His pursuit of excellence didn’t stop there, and in 2020, he earned the title of Certified Fraud Examiner from the globally recognized Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Notably, he achieved both these milestones on his first attempt. Further advancing his professional credentials, he became an Insolvency Professional recognized by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) in 2022, again on the first attempt. His continuous educational achievements stand as a testament to his dedication and determination in the field of finance.

After gaining valuable experience in the banking sector, Kamall decided to chart his own course in 2017. He established JADWANI & CO., a Chartered Accountancy firm headquartered in Nagpur

Kamall Jaddwani is indeed an outstanding example of how perseverance and passion can help someone overcome challenges and achieve great heights in their career. Rising from a modest beginning in Jabalpur to a successful Chartered Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Insolvency Professional in the financial sector, CA Kamall Jaddwani is an exemplary model to the young aspirants. His firm JADWANI & CO. has earned the reputation of providing loyal and exceptional financial services to clients.

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