The Healthcare Brand, Altos Enterprises Limited Launches Ayurvedic Supplement.

Altos Enterprises Limited, the renowned healthcare brand, has recently launched its new product – Shilajit Syrup, which is available to buy at their official website – This ayurvedic supplement is formulated with 11 pure herbal ingredients. The main ingredient Shilajit contains 84 essential minerals, including triterpenes, humic acid, iron, magnesium, retinol, vitamin B, C, and E.

The product is focused on giving endless health benefits, including boosting energy, improving heart health, fighting chronic fatigue, increasing testosterone levels, reducing anxiety, promoting digestion, etc and also relieves ailments like skin issues, kidney stone, urinary disorders, respiratory disorders, anemia, epilepsy, and nervous system disorders.

“People are in urge to get an excellent herbal product with natural healing properties. We are glad to launch Shilajit Syrup consists of thousands of health benefits. Many more ayurvedic supplements are yet to launch in.” Says Mr. Abhishek Gupta, the director at Altos Enterprises Limited.

“The product’s instant relieving factor with no side effects is captivating for the people.” He added.

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