Swami Amit Dev Taking Yoga to a New Level.

Yoga is rooted deeply in Indian history. Not only does it keep a human physically fit, but it also has immense benefits of the mental, physiological and spiritual state of wellbeing. Swami Amit Dev is a meditation guru, a yogi and a fantastic human being. He is currently Flagbearer of SYAAT, that is Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust. 

SYAAT was established in 1888 by the birth of First Guru Gaddi Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan with the aim to promote Yoga, peace and lead a meaningful life. 

Swami Amit Dev is widely recognised for his works, humanitarian assistance etc. One of the most famous yogis, Swami Amit Dev, has taken Yoga and Indian culture to an international stage. Irrespective of culture, gender, age, geography, or religion, he is providing light and hope to people.

Our team interviewed Swami Amit Dev; in an exclusive journey, he shares his journey and his vision. Bringing to you, in conversation with Swami Amit Dev. 

Q: Since when are you associated with SYAAT, and what is the main objective of the organisation?

A: It won’t be wrong to say by birth as born in the yogi family of Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Maharaj (My Grand Father & Third Guru Gaddi) as a son of Yogeshwar Surender Dev Ji Maharaj (Fourth Guru Gaddi). As a volunteer, I’ve been associated with SYAAT since I grew up. Helping people and aiding them in connecting them with the divine. SYAAT, Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust is a non-profit organisation that works for yoga. Propagating the message of yoga and peace is the sole aim of the organisation. 

The organisation is on the mission to set up yoga schools, research institutions and colleges and is currently working on the same. The organisation as a whole and individuals are working continuously to bring more research works, journals, periodicals, papers and educational contents to the eyes of the world. 

Q: What are the steps that are being undertaken for advancing Yoga worldwide?

A: The organisation has a considerable number of volunteers from not just India but pan globe. We are organising camps that spread awareness not just in India but also abroad. The benefits of such camps are that we personally supervise the attendees to perform Yogic Kriyas, Asans, Pranayams and Mudras etc.

SYAAT organises Yoga Camps, Corporate Yoga Sessions, Individual Yoga Sessions, CSR, Team Building with Yoga, School and College Programmes and Media outreach programmes. 

Q: Can you share the places where these camps are organised? 

A: We are currently active in various places such as Moscow, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Jordan, Australia, Shenzhen, and the USA, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. The list goes on and on. We have had massive success in our programmes, and the participation rates motivate us. 

Q: According to you, what are the benefits of Yoga, and why should one practice Yoga?

A: You know, it is not something that should be practised because I say so. Someone should not opt for it just for the sake of it. It is a scientific system through which humans can overpower the physical and mental senses. It brings balance and peace in life, and foremost, it creates a connection with the divine, which is very much important. The soul is an eternal flame. It should be preserved, and the only way to do it is spiritually. When one becomes spiritually active, they enjoy life much more than they did it before. 

Q: When we talk about spirituality and yoga, is there any perfect age to follow this path?

A: No-no, absolutely not. There is no perfect age to pursue this path. My two-year-old son Rudransh Dev is practicing yoga. He has learnt different postures, agility, flexibility and balance; not just this, rather certain Yogic Krias as well at a young age. We meet several others during our camps. People who are 60 plus are also attending and learning from the camps. 

Q: What is the message that you want to share with our audience out there?

A: I have a very significant message for people, especially the youth and the younger generation. Yoga can give peace that nothing else can. The calmness and blissfulness directly touches the heart. Today a lot of people are stressed and develop a worrisome attitude. Everything is required, but excessive of anything is harmful. To maintain the balance, spiritual balance per se, it is good to practice yoga. And, I also ask people not to practice just because I say it. Give it a try; there’s no harm in it. It will show you the ways of life enrichment. That’s why they say ‘Yogi Bane, Sehyogi Bane avam Samaj ke liye Upyogi bane.’

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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