Shuddh Svasth Foods: Bringing Traditional Oil Extraction Methods to Modern Consumers

Shuddh Svasth Foods Pvt Ltd is a registered Indian startup founded by Kishan Navinbhai Patel and Parth Navinbhai Patel. The company’s brand, Shuddh Svasth, is dedicated to bringing traditional oil extraction methods to modern consumers. The company produces a range of wood cold-pressed oils, including groundnut oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, and coconut oil. Additionally, they offer rock salt that is 100% natural and unprocessed.

The wood cold-pressed oil extraction method used by Shuddh Svasth Foods is a traditional process that has been used in India for generations. Unlike modern oil extraction techniques that use heat, pressure, and chemicals, wood and stone are used to extract the oil. This results in oil that is of superior quality, retaining all of its nutrients and natural aroma. The wood and stone extraction process is done at a low temperature, which helps preserve the nutritional value of the oil.

Shuddh Svasth Foods has a strong presence in over 200 stores in Gujarat and aims to expand to over 500 stores in the next 6 months. The company’s factory is situated in the Kathwada Area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The founders, Kishan Navinbhai Patel and Parth Navinbhai Patel, have a vision to promote the use of traditional oil extraction methods and make it accessible to modern consumers. They believe that the use of wood and stone in oil extraction not only preserves the nutritional value of the oil but also helps to preserve the environment by using sustainable methods.

Shuddh Svasth Foods products have already gained a reputation for their superior quality and purity. The company’s focus on using traditional methods has won over consumers who are looking for healthy and sustainable alternatives to modern food products.

Shuddh Svasth Foods is a company that is dedicated to promoting traditional oil extraction methods and bringing high-quality, nutritious oils to modern consumers. Their products are available in a growing number of stores in Gujarat, and they have ambitious plans to expand their reach even further. With their commitment to sustainability and traditional methods, Shuddh Svasth Foods is poised to make a significant impact on the Indian food industry.

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