Serial Entrepreneur Upendra Kopparthi named Most Dynamic Entrepreneur. 

Serial entrepreneur Upendra Kopparthi has been awarded the prestigious “Most Dynamic Entrepreneur 2022” award, adding another feather to his cap.

Upendra Kopparthi was awarded the Most Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 in Business Category by statewide Awards. He was selected for the award for his skills, initiatives, and knowledge in business and development. He received a reputed award from the Telangana state government.

The award function was organized in association with the Government Telangana, AP & TS nonprofit, helping governments, professionals, and organizations around the AP & TS to understand, implement, and benefit from business development related ideas and capabilities.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be selected for this prestigious award and recognized as the most Dynamic Entrepreneur 2022. The award will motivate me to work even harder and work towards the wider use of business development in more sectors,” said Mr Upendra Kopparthi, who attributes his success to two simple business mantras – create a need or address one.

Upendra Kopparthi is not yet 30 but has created a name for himself as a successful serial entrepreneur, Businessman, and business consultant in a short but distinguished professional career.

He garnered a perfect name from his childhood by helping his fellow beings, completing any given work to him with grit and determination, and striving to excel in life. A minor incident must inspire us in his life that speaks volumes about the kindness of Upendra Kopparthi. Upendra Kopparthi was very fond of two lambs that he watched and played with growing up. He was shattered on learning that these two lambs were sacrificed as part of a ritual during a festival. As a kind-hearted man, Dr Raju promised himself to turn vegan and starve for an entire day as a protest against killing the lambs.

Inspired by Mother Teresa, he has been accustomed to using a portion of his earnings for the welfare of society from an early age. That being said, many programs stand out in the Upendra Kopparthi service dictionary. A synonym for goodness, filled with the mentality of Karna in charity, a good friend in tough times, a guide in life for many, an animal lover, a lover of nature, and therefore the curiosity to spend the rest of his life in Lakshmipuram. A perpetual workaholic, he strives to create employment for millions. Upendra Kopparthi recognizes social responsibility and constantly thinks about the betterment of society. The Inspiring Social Activist Award will be a catalyst to continue their service activities more enthusiastically.

His latest venture is Sri Lakshmi enterprises, which are engaged in Many-core businesses, including Cello tape manufacturing. His achievements are all the more stunning and inspirational, considering he started his career as an employee in a factory. The realization of the power of disruptive technologies in transforming businesses led him to turn into an entrepreneur and help other entrepreneurs.

Talking about service programs, Upendra Kopparthi, in liaison with the LIFE FOUNDATION, the SUPAR FOUNDATION, and the LOYOLA OLDAGE HOME, have done and continues to do many Social service programs. Many of Upendra Kopparthi’s services, including providing free food to orphans and various necessities to the victims of Covid 19 during exceptional circumstances of lockdown and post lockdown, stand out as exemplary contributions to society. He was a Covid 19 Front Line Warrior during tough times.

He also shared his vision is to enter into IT sector in Q2 of 2022
Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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