Real Estate Talk: A new network to help you spread and gain real estate knowledge

Buying your own home or putting a down payment on a plot of land to build that place we call Home Sweet Home is seen as a major life moment. As India becomes a major hub for startups, more and more people are also putting their money into commercial property to launch a new business or make more money from their investment. But, whether you buy your first home or invest in property, you need sound real estate knowledge so that you don’t lose money. This is where prop-tech App, Real Estate Talk, plays a key role. Based in Bengaluru, it is a real estate network that allows you to exchange knowledge about property innovations, challenges, and opportunities.

You need to stay informed about the new and growing real estate trends, as the property industry is a multi-trillion dollar sector. Real Estate Talk keeps you updated on the latest trends in the real estate industry. Real Estate Talk seeks to be a real estate platform of wisdom where a professional team of property experts analyze and innovate movements in the sector daily.

Why choose Real Estate Talk

Real Estate Talk was built to gain and spread real estate knowledge by not only connecting, and sharing, but also earning rewards while learning about properties. It is a real estate network where you can share videos, infographics, or just images of properties.

As it helps you gain knowledge about everything related to the property industry, Real Estate Talk also enables you to learn and share information about a growing real estate trend, called Virtual Real Estate, at your fingertips. Virtual reality is currently being used everywhere and in practically every business, including real estate. Virtual real estate is a step toward digitalizing the physical environment by combining augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and video. Through their digital avatar, users can work, play, and stay connected with friends in the virtual world. Virtual real estate is still property, and it exists despite being intangible. Website addresses and email addresses are examples, as are certain other recognized immaterial property items such as bank accounts, equities, options, and derivatives.

Millions of dollars are being paid by investors for virtual land in virtual worlds, often known as the metaverse. Virtual landowners can rent out their land or convert it into a business by selling items. The metaverse is changing the way people attend events, with more individuals willing to attend virtual ones.

Real Estate Talk aims to help you make the most of this growing trend of virtual properties. You can virtually buy or sell land on this site. Convert your physical asset into tokens that you can sell anywhere on the planet. As already told more information about Virtual Real Estate is also available at your fingertips.

Among other things, Real Estate Talk is a real estate network that helps you to:

Get Connected

Make contact with others. You may simply buy and sell houses anywhere on the earth.

Participate in the Learning Community.


Share your Real Estate knowledge (anything, everywhere), collaborate, and aid the community with your wisdom.

Helps the layman deal like a pro

The Real Estate Talk app was created to help the common man comprehend the benefits and downsides of real estate and deal like a pro!

Tokens can be earned

Get more likes on your videos, images, or listings. You can also get rewarded with Tokens, which are credited straight to your wallet.

Real Estate Talk’s journey so far

T M MUSAVVIR officially established Real Estate Talk in FEBRUARY 2022. He is an entrepreneur, startup investor, real estate expert, and ex-Banker who has a total of 20 Years of vast experience across industries from marquee International Banks like Citi, and Barclays to Indian giants like Tatas.

T M MUSAVVIR has an in-depth knowledge of real estate from development to consulting, as well as key traits that a business leader needs. Among his many traits are politeness, generosity, self-control, gratitude, and most importantly honesty.

He believes in change with innovation and wants to create opportunities for people in the real estate industry

T M MUSAVVIR says, “I am passionate about Real Estate and after spending 10 years in the industry I realised lack of Real Estate education and understanding in Indian market.”

Hence, he built Real Estate Talk as a platform to exchange knowledge about real estate innovations, challenges, and opportunities where you can share posts i.e, videos, infographics, as well as images of properties.

T M MUSAVVIR’s idea behind launching Real Estate Talk was also to engage startups to explore more industry problems & find solutions in an entrepreneurial manner.

The way ahead

The Real Estate Talk app is currently in the BETA version stage and should be available for the users shortly. The company’s Instagram handle @real_estate_talks is active and has around 7k organic interactive followers. Real Estate Talk expects to have half a million users by the end of 2022, as it is a fast-growing real estate network whose members gain and share real estate knowledge regularly.

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