Patna’s Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Abhishek Srivastav is inspiring so many lives!

Dr. Abhishek Srivastav is a Motivational Speaker and a Thought-provoking  Author from based in Patna, Bihar. He is committed to provide path-breaking solutions to the depressed masses and bring a radical shift in their mindset through his books, articles, scientific motivational sessions, workshops and seminars. He helps people realize their true potential so that they can translate their potential into performance. His sessions are based on his Personal Life Experiences, Intensive Researches and In-depth Case Studies. He brings fast results and tangible Changes.

He has authored two books. His first book ‘Wisdom of Excellence-Live by Triumph not Tragedy’  published by Prabhat Publications, New Delhi has created much impact in people’s life. It has accumulated lots of praise and appreciation. He has recently authored his 2nd book ‘You Are Unstoppable-Unleash the Laws of Success’ published by Gurucool Publishing, Hyderabad which is on the way to transform countless lives. His books have forewords of Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri (14 Books/ 9 Films/ 3 Natioanl Awards); Mr. Anand Kumar, Super 30; Mr. Vikas Vaibhav, IPS;  Dr. Amit Maheshwari, Business Coach;  Sagar Sinha, Sales Trainer and many more educators.

His books are considered by many experts to be the lifeline in the field of Scientific Motivation. His formulae, strategies, and methods are implemented by Students, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Business Owners, Professionals as well as Corporate Team to achieve astounding results. Upon being asked about his upcoming projects, he declares that writing is his passion. He is currently working on two more books which will soon hit market. He is on a mission to inspire millions of lives through his meaningful experiences, books and seminars. He believes that people have infinite potential. “Listen, you are not born to remain a mediocre. Mediocrity is strangling your dreams. All they need to do is break those shackles of self-limiting beliefs and take actions with a positive frame of mind”, says Dr. Abhishek.

Dr. Abhishek has also been conferred upon too many awards.  Global Changemaker of the Year 2023 ; LIB Talks Samman 2023, Bihar Pratibha Samman 2022, Bihar Youth Award 2022, Bihar Utkrishtata Samman 2022, Pride of Bihar 2022, Guru Gaurav Samman 2022, Bihar Talent Hunt 2022, Bihar Shaurya Samman 2021 are some of them.He has also been featured by many media houses.

His tagline is ― ‘Just Break the Shackle, Create Miracle & Be Unstoppable!’



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