Passion is Not Enough: Creative Entrepreneurs Need Strategies and Systems to Succeed in Business

Passion is the starting point for any new venture, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough, and it doesn’t guarantee business success. For passion to succeed, it needs structure- specifically Systems and Strategies, says Ssidarth Kapur, Founder – Creative CEO.

Having worked across multiple businesses in Australia, Europe, and Asia,Ssidarth Kapur noted that most creative entrepreneurs are self-taught, and have not received a formal business education. In discussions with him, creative entrepreneurs revealed that after achieving initial success to varying degrees, their businessesstalled and could not grow further.They became engrossed in daily firefighting with something or the other going wrong and wanting their attention. Servicing existing customers became a challenge, so when new customers came on-board, rather than being happy, they were stressed. Employees did not deliver work on time, made silly mistakes, yet wanted increments and left at will without due notice. Promoters felt that they were a training school as all they did was search hard to find new employees andtrain them, only to see them leave after a few months. Cashflows were stretched as client payments were delayed, while vendor bills were being constantly chased.

To overcome these challenges some turned to education and soon learnt that most business books and courses were full of academic jargon, written for accounts and management graduates. Rather than learning how to fix their business issues they got even more confused and felt that business was too complicated and frustrating.Other entrepreneurs tried outsourcing the learning and execution by hiring coaches and consultants, however, this was not a pleasant experience asmost coaches were very young, with very little real-world experience. Further, they did not find any specialised consultants focusing on creative businesses, who understood their specific challenges and could simplify business for them.

Noting that this was a global problem for business owners, Creative CEO was set up with the primary purpose of simplifying business execution and education for creative entrepreneurs who are passionate, and brilliant at their craft, but currently lack the skills, knowledge, and discipline to turn their expertise into a consistent income stream or a viable business.

The founder Ssidarth Kapurstates “I believe anyone can be a business success with the right guidance and necessary action.” He adds, “We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses in the creative industries, and we are passionate about helping them succeed. Our goal is to help creative entrepreneurs focus on what they do best, while we help them take care of the business side of things.”

Creative CEO has a track record of success, and the team has helped numerous businesses streamline operations and reduce owner dependence, increase profitability, reduce costs, acquire new high-paying clients, build consistent income streams, and achieve long-term success.“Our clients trust us to help them navigate the complexities of running a business, and we take that responsibility seriously,” said Ssidarth Kapur. “We are excited to offer this service to creative entrepreneurs who are looking to take their businesses to the next level.”

Entrepreneurs can choose to engage the Creative CEO to fast-track their business success in a variety of ways, depending on the size, stage, health, and goals of their business. Medium-sized businesses, with decent cashflows, who wantto scale, prefer Ssidarth Kapur to take over as a fractional (or part-time) CEO of their brand.While smaller businesses, with relatively lesser experience opt for the consulting model, where Creative CEO helpsyou overcome your most critical challenges to success and/or achieve the set business objectives. Severalbusinessescontinue to engage him as a business mentor and trusted advisor, to vet critical business decisions and help refine new business ideas. This way they can closely work with him and get to learn and leverage from his 21+ years of international business and risk management experience.

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About Ssidarth Kapur

Ssidharth Kapur, is a result-oriented strategist with excellent analytical and problem solving and creative questioning skills. A corporate professional turned entrepreneur, he was the CEO of a global Business Risk Consulting firm,and a Co-Founder of a technology start-up helping SMEs better manage their business receivables, along with several other business interests in Australia, India and the UK.

He has undertaken professional engagements across 33 countries, in sectors such as Luxury, Apparel, Arts, Wellness, Skincare, Hospitality and FMCG.He has advised and undertaken assignments for several celebrity clients and well-known national and international brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Van Laack, Bath & Body Works, Klove Studio, Janvi, Dulce Celia and The Materialist to name a few.

He has tutored, lectured and been a guest speaker across Australia and India at leading universities and business schools such as Kaplan Business School, La Trobe University,RMIT University, and Fore School of Management.

The Creative CEO team helps you get your business unstuck – from generating sales to managing operations to hiring and managing employees, and most importantly ensuring positive cash flow and profitability.

If you are a creative professional struggling with any aspect of your business, contact the Creative CEO team today.

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