Meet Young Entrepreneur Umesh Mallesham Patrelu in Maharashtra.

He began his career during the summers of his college education. In the beginning, he worked for Vodafone and Idea Network. Then he moved to Delhi and began working in the US Visa system for a global firm called “AEGIS Noida.” He then returned to Maharashtra to finish his education and enrolled in BCS at Bamu University.

After graduation, he began working in one of Maharashtra’s biggest automobile rental agencies. He started as an agent at that car rental company and was upgraded thrice in 1.5 years due to his hard work and dedication. In six months, he was elevated to Team Lead, and a year later, he was promoted to HOD (Head of Department).

After gaining some experience as a HOD in this profession, Umesh began to consider better choices in the travel industry to elevate the travel industry to a higher level.

Umesh decided to leave the company in 2018 and to create his own car rental company named “Caronrentals” (CORs) during this time because he wanted to be doing something more significant in the tourism sector to identify it to the next level.

Umesh founded Caronrentals on September 3rd, 2018. The company’s annual income has now surpassed 9 lakhs. He set a record by switching from receiving a salary to paying a considerable number of people a salary. Although the company began in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, it has since expanded to include the entire country as a PAN India car rental company.

Caronrentals offers a variety of services, including Taxi service, often known as a cab or a taxi, One-way journey, Return journey, Transfer, To use in your neighbourhood (packages for trips), B2B, B2C. When you’re in India, and many are looking for the best car rental services at a low cost, go to You should be aware that they are a PAN India car hire service provider, which means you may request a car from anywhere in the country. Caronrentals having 1500+ vendors all over the cities of India.

It is not easy to rent a car during peak hours in Indian cities, and you should know how much they charge during these times. You can try it once if you are tired of looking for cars or taxis to get to work or home.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Umesh and his colleagues have not given up on their mission after three years. We all shut the door and stayed inside for our own and our families’ safety, but the vehicle rental crew began serving and offering their services in lockdowns in Indian cities. Umesh’s team has the foresight to support everyone involved in his fantastic effort.

This is how Mr Umesh’s tale began, and he still has the vision to do great things in the field of car renting services. He demonstrated that age is only a number that has no bearing on one’s life or fate. I hope his story inspires everyone to take the first step toward achieving their life’s goals.


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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