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Rupa Lakhani, aka Roop, is a renowned Tarot Card and Numerologist, MahaVastu Expert, Mindset Healer, NLP Coach, & Author.

She is a renowned Tarot Card Reader, practicing since the year 2000, known for her insightful guidance. She has consulted more than 15000 clients including businessmen, homemakers and celebrities. She has come up in various TV shows for showcasing her expertise when it comes to Numerology, Runes reading, Tarot. She is a Master Tarot Card Coach from WMA, USA and has coachedfor Tarot.

 She has come up with a set of Empowerment Cards that can allow the person to gain message that can empower them on their strengths and overcome unnecessary thoughts in daily lives. She is an author of the book, The Inner Journey.

She is been guiding people with her unique Karmic readingwho are going through challenges in career, love, relation, health and prosperity. With this knowledge, she guides people, empower them to understand the Karmic debts or gifts one has in present life. She explains different ways come out of the sadness and disappointmentfor the better purpose of life. She provides remedies that changes the mindset and outlook of a person to overcome the challenges.

She has come up with service of Business Card Analysis, as she believes that the business card creates the energy of prosperity and abundance just more than even the efforts you put into it. She suggestslogo, fonts, colors and placements of the visiting cardto be used as per the nature of business that would get you maximum favorable energy for increasing business.She has clientele of established builders and jewelers who seeks her Business card analysis, Numerology and Mobile Numerology services who has found the difference in the income after certain changes.

She believes that the inner beauty reflects outwards and the outer beauty can be enhanced by blending energies with right balanced elements. Being Mahavastu Expert, shesuggest the changes to enhance the physical space of your home or office Vastu without doing any structural change, correcting on the blocked energies. She has unique tools and expertise to correct even your personal energies and she would scan 300 energy centers on your body to help you let go your shadow side and embrace bright side that helps clear any energy blocks for success and abundance.

Being a Mindset Healer and Certified Practitioner of various healing therapies such as Redikall Consciousness, Access Bars, EFT, Meta health, Matric Reimprinting, Psych-K, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Lama fera and more, she believes that 80 percent of the problems are self-created. She had her healing shows showcased on Astrovani, DTH channel.The mind is very complex to understand and especially with increasing cut throat competition, people have to stand out unique and competitive, and if they do not meet their expected success and abundance, the fears, doubts, frustration, disappointment, anxiety and stress can cripple not only their health and wealth, but also peace and happiness.  Only with the extra ordinary mind, when guided, rewired and reprogrammed well, then you can escape yourself from the debilitating effects of limiting beliefsaround love, abundance and relationship orpsychosomatic illnesses.She believes strongly, ‘change your mind, change your life.’ When the problems are self-created with an unaware mind, they can also be uncreated with the aware mind with different insights. 

She has come up with her unique RRTT – Roop’s Rapid Transformation Therapy that allows the person to identify their sabotaging beliefs and disempowering emotions, and also let go of them and replace with empowering ones. She has been using all her expertise and wisdom to coach and mentor people. She guides, empowers and awakens people who is either stuck or unmotivated or confused. She provides the tools and support to broaden their perspective and open their mind, hence enabling them to reach their goals. She has a unique ability to help individual realize their own self-worth and self-belief that has, for one reason or another, diminished. The individual then finds creative pathways with fresh mind from where they are to where they want to be, in effect reaching their goal.

She is on a MISSION to help people connect with their deeper selves, have balanced emotions, find creative pathways to achieve their goals with whatever their talents and skills, raise the consciousness by raising their capacities that helps them grow spiritually. She is very passionate and warm person, ready to go one extra mile if you are committed to reach your goals. She is a catalyst for people who wants to reach the depth of their inner subconscious mind, self-discover, and self-actualize them to live a meaningful and purposeful life then, you may have a look at her digital card

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