Madhura Fashion Jewellery: A jewellery for every woman.

The fashion industry is very volatile. The jewellery industry is the most dynamic industry where new trends keep hitting the market and winning the hearts of women. So starting a business in this field expects an aspirant to be updated with the ongoing trend in the market. One should also be talented enough to adapt the trend according to the taste and ethnicity of the region and introduce it to the customers. Selling the products today has been made easier with the introduction of the e-commerce marketplace. This has paved a way for the establishment of many small and medium businesses across the country. A largely populated country like India provides a large marketplace for any business.

Madhura Fashion Jewellery, an e-commerce brand stands in this line and has been operating since 2021. Young entrepreneur from Trichy, Geetha started this business to meet the demand for premium quality gold replica jewellery. Not only gold is in demand today but many other metals from which beautiful ornaments can be made are used instead of gold. She gauged the growing demand for this replica of gold jewellery and started this business in 2021.
Geetha knew the taste of women and what they love to wear. She was searching for jewellery online. But after inspecting many brands she observed that the jewellery sold by them was of low quality and customers inevitably had to accept them. This triggered her mind to think of starting her own business to provide the best quality of jewellery for women according to their tastes and price.
But the beginning of her business journey was not smooth. She just opened a page on social media and started posting pictures of products. She wanted to attract customers for selling jewellery and started marketing to accept the orders. But building an e-commerce business in a tier 2 city like Trichy was a challenging task for her. But she didn’t step back. In the first month, Geetha incurred a loss of around Rs. 6000. She couldn’t even recover the money spent on Facebook ads. But this didn’t discourage her. Giving up was never her choice, rather she stood determined.
Slowly her business started taking pace. She started getting orders for products. Madura Fashions Jewellery products were winning the hearts of women. Jewellery is the first craze for Indian Women. Many people love to wear jewellery according to the attires they wear. Madhura Fashions Jewellery encashed this and started selling customized jewellery for them.
South Indians love to wear both gold and replica gold jewellery. So Geetha thought of selling some exclusive jewellery for South Indians. People loved her premium quality jewellery. This resulted in the massive growth of Madhura Fashion Jewellery. Starting from the social media page, the business has a systematic approach and website today. Starting from 2 members, they have a team of 6 people who are working well to give the best service to their customers. So far they have fulfilled more than 30000 orders of happy customers.

Geetha is thinking of adding more products to their portfolio and giving the best service to their clients. They sell the products at lower prices when compared to the large e-commerce marketplaces. Everyone can’t afford to buy gold. These replicas of gold jewellery stand as a substitute for them. Madhura Fashion Jewellery makes their dream of wearing amazing jewellery true.

Durvesh Yadav

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