M- Lifestyle Accessories – A brand From Mobi Machnify Technologies Pvt Ltd , has Officially launched M-Vooc Charger , Data Cables & Ear Phones.

 Founded in 2022 M – Lifestyle accessories , by Vijay Chaudhary , Charan Suvarna  & Yatin Arora is a Mobile Lifestyle  Accessories brand with a category of products that comes with a standardized high quality brand value that is affordable and consumers can easily rely on, it’s M Vooc Charger has a unique fast changing technology , High end Data Cables, M Earphones Comes  with a Shocking sound experience. Mobile Lifestyle Accessories being a category of products that are used 24/7 in ones daily lives , but Still Branded products remain unreachable due to higher quality product comes with a huge cost , Which is unacceptable. Taking this into consideration Mobi Machnify Technologies  has positioned its products which is high in quality & reasonable in pricing. With already distribution network in place the comapny is targetting on both online &  offline sales and will be soon available in all leading online platforms & also will be available pan India in all leading Electronic, Mobile Stores .

The company has got a massive response for its products the the time it was soft launched in May 2022 in Delhi – NCR region. This positive feedback made the company to stratergise its launch. Mobile Phone lifestyle accessories Market Size is projected to Reach Multimillion USD by 2029 and Mobimachnify is gearing to take a decent pie share to its products.  For the financial year 2023-24 ,M Lifestyle Accessories is targeting a revenue of 20 Crore. Mobi Machnify currently manufactures it’s products in Delhi, however the company is focusing on having a production facility in Mumbai for its yet to be introduced Bluetooth range.  Mobi Machnify technologies is currently backed by three Co founders Vijay Chaudhary, Charan suvarna & Yatin Arora and is planning to liquidate the stake in the years to come .The Company has its Corporate Office in Mumbai ,Registered Office in Delhi with Regional Sales Offices in Bangalore , Ludhiana .

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