“Life Coach & Consultants are Changing The World,” Says Marketer Roudrajjal Dhar

The Change 

Change is the law of nature. These days, changes are taking place at an incredible speed due to the dynamic nature of the work environment and highly competitive society. There has to be a guide who can become a torchbearer for you in such a situation. This guide can be a life coach who can guide people on how to be stable and get rid of stress, anxiety, depression & habits of overthinking so that people can achieve and live their dream life.


Roudrajjal Dhar is a resident of Kolkata. He has understood the importance of Life Coaches in society and took up a mission to help them reach out to more & more people so that society can benefit from it.

With his vast knowledge and skills in digital marketing & web development, He is empowering Life coaches with technology & digital activities like lead generation, brand building etc. 

Career and Expertise 

He started his career in 2016. He has become an institution in himself in digital marketing. He began his practice by providing consultancy services to some prominent clients. He didn’t even realize when this number multiplied and extended until 370. The best part about this practice has been the fact that he retained around 73 clients who have been working with him for the longest time. He gives his best to generate revenue for his client by striving for excellence in digital marketing. 

Areas of operation

Since he is an ambitious person, he never leaves any stone unturned to learn something new. He has tried his expertise across diverse sectors. These sectors include interior designing, education, mobile accessories, computer accessories, the chocolate industry, jewellery brands, and shirt manufacturing companies. The list gets further extended by recent additions like Ayurveda, grocery stores, and medical supplies. This has resulted in the addition of many feathers on his cap.

New Journey 

After having made a reputation for himself in the industry, he is now working with Life Coaches & Consultants and helping them with all his digital skills. This is going to be the new innings of his life. He now tries his best to work in close association with all Life Coaches & NLP Experts to become a part of the excellent work that they are doing. 

He is generating amazing results for all the coaches he is working with currently, with a vision of digital empowerment.

The Begining 

He has become a go-to person for all Life coaches and NLP experts. The demand for digitalization and digital transformation is increasing even in their industries. His expertise and knowledge are incredible, and hence is helping a lot of coaches satisfy their digital needs. This is the beginning of the era which will pursue the goal of digitalization and interdependence.

If you are a Life Coach or a Consultant, you can book a free strategy session with me

I have created a new Instagram profile just for coaches & consultants to get value from it in terms of digital needs. Feel free to follow my profile: https://instagram.com/marketingrudra 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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