Leveraging creativity and context in your marketing campaigns during a pandemic: How to communicate online during a global crisis?

A Kolkata based creative agency, Cogfree, launched an innovative and engaging public awareness digital campaign around the covid awareness theme, that hit the right note with the young audience online.      

Sudhyasheel Sen, founder and creative director at Cogfree said, “The digital media campaign was conceptualized and designed out of a need to create awareness around Covid, to address the misinformation and vaccine hesitancy, particularly in the online environment. We created a set of customized Whatsapp stickers around this theme that was inspired from Tintin comics and its iconic art. The idea was to create something fun, engaging  and shareable for the online space that would also address key awareness facts around Covid.”

The customized sticker set was a big hit with the younger audience and was one of the most downloaded sticker packs from a leading Whatsapp stickers & i-messages marketplace, from where it can be downloaded for free. The campaign was also quite a rage among the Tintin fan groups across various Social Media platforms and blogs. The complete sticker set and videos can be downloaded here.

Navigating Social Media during Covid-19:

Sudhyasheel said, “As a brand or business you knew that your followers were spending more time online than they ever have before, so it did present you with a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship with your audience and increase brand affinity. We took this approach for all our clients with their marketing efforts and saw a significant boost in engagement and interaction with this change in approach. The main challenge was to take a step back and convince the clients from running business-as-usual marketing campaigns, or you risked coming across as tone-deaf to an audience with heightened anxiety and sensitivities during an ongoing pandemic.”

He goes on to say, “This presented brands and agencies with the unique challenge of embracing an unsettling time—becoming as human as possible on their social media channels—while juggling the necessary bit of marketing needed to stay in business,”

Cogfree, the Kolkata based creative agency behind this innovative public awareness campaign,  works with established businesses like Eveready Industries as well non-profits, SMEs and rapidly growing startups from the consumer, tech and education sectors for their branding, communication design and digital marketing efforts. 

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