Indian Logo Designer making waves globally with meaningful Logos

Born and brought up in Punjab, Jagjit Singh Makkar aka Juggy works out of his hometown Kotkapura (Punjab) as an independent logo designer. He has worked for brands like Sony, Philips, HBO and Taj Hotels in the past and now he is turning one small business after another into brands that customers can register, remember and recall.

In a brief interview with our correspondent, Juggy talks about logos and branding. Here’re a few excerpts.

What’s the most important thing in a logo according to you?

The most important job of a logo is: the identification of a brand. Everything else comes after that. Even the greatest logo on the planet has this primary job of identifying a business.

What comes next?

After identification, I believe a logo must exude the spirit of a brand. Nike logo immediately puts you an active state of mind. Why is that? Is it because of the way it is designed? Or is it because of so many years of great marketing and branding and positioning? It’s both. The personality of a logo is more important than any technical detail, any design principle or any story behind the logo.

Do you have a process?

Yes, I do follow a process. I put into practice three major principles of good logo design as suggested by Sagi Haviv (the guy who designed the National Geographic logo) i.e. Simplicity, Distinctiveness and Appropriateness. After they are taken care of, I add my own set of ingredients in it. Every designer develops a style over time. I do like to believe I have one too.

Your Instagram bio says, “Start with the right logo.” What is the right logo?

Well, the right logo is the one that works efficiently and poses no problem while being implemented in the real world, for years and years to come. Logos that use too many colors, shades, shadows and other unwanted details fall flat within the first few months of inception. They are not right.

The right logo can make a new customer fall in love with a brand. It can unify the efforts of an organization towards one common goral represented through a strong mark. It can inspire an entrepreneur to do better, every day.

How can a business become a brand?

In a market brimming with dull business names and look-alike logos, it is very easy to attract the attention of your target customer if you put an effort in the right direction. It starts with a catchy business name, a meaningful logo and is followed by brand assets that make the whole experience richer. Branding done right can save you lacs in marketing and advertising.

Sometimes small businesses can’t afford to invest in good branding. That’s why they go for free logos available online.

If small business owners can afford a new iPhone every year for themselves, they can certainly afford a good logo for their business. One that lasts a lifetime. And a free logo costs more in the long run.

Where do most of your clients come from?

Mostly they are from India, Canada and Australia. But this year we are starting to get enquiries from the US, which is a great feeling.

Juggy has designed more than a hundred logos. You can visit his website or follow him on instagram at

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