From Mom to Entrepreneur: Sabeena Abutaahir’s Journey of Building a Healthier Bridge Through Baking.

Passion and Perseverance indeed tests patience, but at the end leads you to create successful stories. Meet Sabeena Abutaahir, the Founder of Healthy Bridge Bakes, a renowned healthy baking instructor, and a passionate YouTuber. With a strong desire to become an entrepreneur, as a BBA graduate, Sabeena’s journey towards entrepreneurship was far from straightforward one, marked by a series of transitions between Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Malaysia, the USA, and eventually returning to Bangalore. Throughout these geographical shifts and personal health challenges, Sabeena had yet to encounter the opportune moment to initiate her own business venture.

As a mother of two children, she noticed their strong attraction towards baked goods, which unfortunately often contain refined flour, refined sugar, and artificial additives. Determined to find healthier alternatives, she embarked on a search for nutritious options that would satisfy their cravings without compromising their well-being.

Sabeena’s entrepreneurial journey took an unexpected turn when her nine-year-old daughter approached her with news of a school event, the Christmas carnival. This event required parents and students to set up stalls, with the proceeds intended to support a government school library. Encouraged by her daughter’s confidence in her abilities, Sabeena contemplated her options. Recognizing her baking talent and the positive feedback from her daughter’s friends she had received, she decided to seize the opportunity.

Sabeena’s elation soared as she set up a stall with 250 muffins and witnessed each one swiftly sold out. Encouraged by parents who delighted in her wholesome creations, she made the bold decision to embrace the opportunity and cautiously test the waters on a smaller scale. Soon enough, orders flooded in, including a substantial request for 250 muffins from a school’s annual day celebration. Armed with a modest oven, Sabeena rose to the challenge and successfully delivered her inaugural major order.

Recognizing the demand and the prevalent struggle faced by parents who prioritize nutritious foods while their children gravitate towards unhealthy options, Sabeena discovered her true calling on her entrepreneurial journey. This realization led her to conceptualize “Healthy Bridge Bakes.” This initiative aims to bridge the gap by offering delectable baked goods crafted from nourishing ingredients. By substituting refined flour with whole grains, replacing refined sugar with natural sweeteners, and diligently avoiding harmful chemicals and preservatives, she skilfully creates treats that parents can confidently serve to their children. Her mission encompasses providing a diverse range of healthier options, including muffins, cookies, pizza and bread, all while preserving the irresistible flavours that children adore. Through “Healthy Bridge Bakes,” she endeavours to empower parents in their pursuit of healthier choices, ensuring that both parents and children can indulge in baked goods without compromising their well-being.

Word swiftly spread among like-minded mothers, who eagerly placed orders for Sabeena’s wholesome bakes. With an unwavering commitment to excluding refined ingredients, preservatives, and harmful additives, she continues to meet the escalating demand for her health-conscious treats. Sabeena’s professional approach and dedication to providing delicious alternatives have positioned her as a trusted choice for health-conscious parents seeking wholesome and enjoyable baked goods.

Despite the unfortunate setback of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sabeena’s business demonstrated resilience as she swiftly adapted to the challenging circumstances. Recognizing the need to pivot her approach, she embraced the online platform, seizing the opportunity to differentiate herself from the competition. Committed to providing a distinctive learning experience, Sabeena embarked on a journeyto not only teach baking techniques but also unravel the scientific principles underlying each ingredient, with a strong emphasis on promoting healthy baking practices.

Through her online classes, Sabeena fostered a community of “happy bakers” by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and a passion for the art of baking. To date, her unwavering dedication has resulted in successfully training over 350+ individuals across the Globe, with some of her students even venturing into their own baking businesses after attending her transformative workshops.

During the festive season, Sabeena extended her expertise beyond individual learners, conducting online classes specifically tailored for corporate companies. This initiative allowed her to share her profound knowledge and contagious love for baking with a wider audience, spreading the joy and culinary delights associated with the Christmas season.

Sabeena’s “Bake Along” online classes and recorded classes offer a distinctive and valuable opportunity for individuals to master the art of baking while acquiring a profound comprehension of its scientific foundations. Sabeena’s unwavering enthusiasm for sharing her expertise surpasses conventional teaching methods, as she delves into the nuances and diverse techniques necessary for attaining flawless outcomes. These meticulously crafted classes aim to empower participants by equipping them with a comprehensive understanding and a versatile skill set that transcends mere recipe replication.

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Sabeena Abutaahir’s commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond her baking classes and business endeavors. During the pandemic, she collaborated with the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community (OMBC), a dedicated volunteering group, to devote her time to preparing and distributing food, including healthy muffins, to the Ejipura Slum area. This selfless act of kindness not only supported a noble cause but also garnered recognition and increased orders for the community. Sabeena consistently demonstrates her altruistic spirit by organizing online classes as fundraisers, conducting bake sales in support of the Kritiyagyata Trust, and actively volunteering with various NGOs. Her genuine embodiment of the spirit of healthy baking is evident in her selfless dedication to utilizing her skills for the betterment of the community.

An essential pillar of support throughout Sabeena’s journey has been her unwavering family, including her supportive Mother, husband and daughters. Their steadfast encouragement has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and has become the bedrock of her baking venture and classes.

As Sabeena Abutaahir continues to inspire others through her delicious and wholesome creations, her entrepreneurial journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and the desire to create positive change in the world of baking. With each delectable bake, Sabeena constructs a healthier bridge, connecting individuals to a realm of delightful treats without compromising their overall well-being.

Sabeena’s story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities, even when they arise unexpectedly. With her passion for baking, her determination to excel, and the support of her family, Sabeena transformed a school event into a catalyst for her entrepreneurial aspirations.

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