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Merit Up is a brainchild of IIT and IIM graduates. It is a live learning platform for soft skills brought together by the brightest minds of India. Our courses pave the path for our students from campus to corporate. We understand the crucial role soft skills play in job interviews and the corporate work environment. Merit Up offers online courses on soft skills development.Image

Our Mission

To become a contributing part of the success stories of job aspirants by providing state of the art soft skill development courses that will increase their employability and make them job-ready.

Our Vision

To perform compassionately and constructively towards creating a win-win for all our stakeholders with a primary focus on job aspirants by operating as a centre of excellence and knowledge exchange for soft skills.

Our Core Values

We CARE at Merit Up, and this reflects in our core values.

  • Compassion: We value kindness, and we care about people.
  • Agility: We are quick to adapt to new trends and knowledge.
  • Respect: We appreciate the professionalism and conduct yourselves with dignity.
  • Excellence: We strive every day towards bettering ourselves and others.

The 5Cs of Merit Up: What Makes Our Courses The Best?

Course Completion Certificate: After successfully completing an online soft skills development course, you will receive a certificate from Merit Up. This online course completion certificate serves as a credible credential that makes you stand out to employers.

Countrys Best Tutors: Each online soft skills development course at Merit Up is taught by the faculty of top educational institutions, highly successful individuals, professional public speakers, and corporate recruits. Learn from the best to be the best.

Considerable Course Fee: We at Merit Up ensure top quality in our soft online skills development courses and make sure that our courses are affordable for everyone. We offer three types of courses: Executive, Classic, and Premium, to ensure this.

Connect With The Cream: Completing an online soft skills development course at Merit Up gives you job-ready skills, a course completion certificate, and most importantly access to access to a massive network of job aspirants and recruiters.

Corporate Job Opportunities: Merit Up as a live learning platform ensures you acquire in-demand job skills. But we also want you to gain your dream job with these soft skills. Our online platform facilitates you to interact with prospective recruiters to achieve it.

Courses At Merit Up

Our online soft skills courses make your interview process an easy and hassle-free affair. All our courses focus on wholesome knowledge exchange. At Merit Up, we offer three courses: Executive, Classic, and Premium. Select and enroll in the course you need, complete the course by learning from the best, and get selected for your dream job.


The Executive course by Merit Up will teach you how to avoid common communication mishaps, understand different team roles, build a strong portfolio, and make better decisions. You get a course completion certificate after completing the entire course successfully.

Course Topics

  • Tactful communication skills
  • Personality development
  • PowerPoint presentation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills

Course Benefits: This course helps you to

  • Recognize your goals and values
  • Communicate clearly and confidently
  • Know the ins and outs of the job jargon
  • Write an attention-grabbing resume & cover letter


The Classic course by Merit Up will lead you through several techniques to improve your soft skills and apply the appropriate techniques to seize the opportunities. You get a course completion certificate after completing the entire course successfully.

Course Topics

  • Tactful communication skills
  • Body language appropriation,
  • Complete personality development
  • PowerPoint presentation skills
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Inspiring leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time management skills
  • Art of decision making

Course Benefits: This course helps you to

  • Identify your internal and external roadblocks 
  • Develop inspiring leadership skills
  • Effectively handle professional relationships
  • Gain insights into work-life balance
  • Acquire the art of decision making
  • Imbibe corporate etiquette and ethics
  • Master the interview cracking tool kit
  • Get a course completion certificate₩


Advanced course by Merit Up will provide you with the toolbox of effective softs skills to make a difference and take your career to the next level. You get a course completion certificate after completing the entire course successfully.

Course Topics

  • Tactful communication skills
  • Body language appropriation
  • Complete personality development
  • Public speaking eloquence
  • Business writing etiquette
  • PowerPoint presentation skills
  • Exceptional negotiation skills

Course Benefits: This course helps you to

  • Imbibe confidence-boosting social skills
  • Master business writing and critical thinking
  • Efficiently manage stakeholder relationships
  • Build a strong and appealing portfolio 
  • Establish successful networking techniques
  • Incorporate professional corporate etiquette
  • Know the interview process inside out
  • Get a course completion certificate

Message From The Founder & CEO

“In today’s fast-paced world, soft skills give you the competitive edge needed for achieving your goals. Whether you are a student, job aspirant, freelancer, working professional, or entrepreneur, exemplary soft skills are the key to excellence. Enhancing your soft skills will take you forward in this competitive corporate environment. We at Merit Up developed our courses to equip our students with the vital soft skills that make them job-ready. We work towards increasing the employability of our students through engaging course content and discussions.

-Mrigank Kumar

Founder & CEO

Mrigank Kumar is a serial entrepreneur, valued educationalist, and published author. He is an IIM Lucknow alumnus with extensive experience in business development and service marketing. Mr Kumar founded and spearheaded Metro Investors Buddy (MIB). He is the co-founded and worked as CMO at Splitskills Professionals Pvt Ltd. He is also a RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) expert with in-depth knowledge of the sector. Mrigank is a multitasker driven with the ambition to exceed excellence.


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