Experience Bengaluru Like Never Before : How Bangalore360 is Revolutionising Local Exploration 

Bangalore360 is an online community with the mission of bringing Bengaluru society specialised excellence in a variety of areas, including news, business, events, launches, and wellness. It pledges to provide the most current and accurate information to its readers, who are mainly locals of the Bengaluru region.

The team is passionate about displaying the rich culture, current events, news, businesses, cuisine, and attractions of the city to both residents and tourists. They put forth a lot of effort to be informed on the city’s most recent events and give their audience accurate information.

There adventure began in March 2019 as an Instagram profile that posted excellent images and videos of Namma Bengaluru. The founder of Bangalore360, who fell in love with the city, saw the need to broaden the page’s focus as it grew in popularity. The page was able to expand with the aid of family members with comparable interests, and soon it was regarded as a reliable resource by Bengaluru’s citizens.

It has developed over time into a platform of confidence and a voice for Bengaluru residents. The page posts updates so quickly that occasionally even journalists get in touch to ask about their whereabouts. As the information comes from a public source, the followers are so supportive that they self-report any changes they see, including road closures, fire incidents, accidents, protests, or if they see someone acting improperly.

It has evolved into more than just an online community; it has taken on the responsibility. In addition to showcasing the beauty of Bengaluru, and also committed to giving back to the community. They assist those in need without hesitation and have found lost bikes, cars, wallets, and missing people. They have also done crowd-funding, animal rescue, and a few other things.

Since it first began, it has advanced significantly. The community has over 1 lakh 23 thousand followers on Instagram and around 5300 followers on Facebook. The community has a focus on showcasing the city’s rich culture, real-time updates, news, businesses, food, and attractions to both locals and visitors.

Accessibility to impartial information about nearby happenings or events is one of its distinctive selling advantages. They provide a platform for residents to communicate, share information, and remain updated as well as a real-time central center for learning about any local occurrences, events, and activities.

When he worked to build the company’s reputation and online presence in the beginning, Bangalore360’s creator faced numerous obstacles. Finding followers for the Instagram page was the first obstacle to overcome. It was challenging to stand out from the crowd because there were already a lot of pages and accounts devoted to promoting Bengaluru’s beauty.

A real-time update, news, and information about the city were required, according to the founder, who did not think that simply presenting the city’s beauty was sufficient. He began concentrating on the platform’s social component, where users could connect and exchange city-related knowledge.

Managing the numerous responsibilities required to manage the platform was another difficulty the founder encountered. It was challenging to manage all the chores that came along with administering the page in the beginning, such as content development, engagement, and responding to follower questions. The entrepreneur enlisted his cousins, who shared his interests and enthusiasm for exhibiting the beauty of the city, to help him overcome this obstacle. They assisted him with platform management and helped it grow in scope, turning it into a central location for news and data about the city.

A fresh set of difficulties for resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. When people needed assistance during the pandemic, they turned to the platform as their go-to place. The group began assisting people in the recovery of lost items such as bicycles, automobiles, wallets, and even missing individuals. Along with many other things, they assisted with fundraising and animal rescue.

The online presence goes beyond social media. They have a website that is official, and publications like Travel and Leisure Asia and Bengaluru Citizen Matters have both mentioned them. The organisation maintains an official website at bangalore360.in and has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bangalore360 is one of Bengaluru’s most distinctive online communities, and it is having a big impact. The neighbourhood is very focused on helping the locals while also showcasing the city’s beauty, culture, and diversity. The community has grown into a reliable source of news, so the followers value the efforts made to keep them informed of the most recent city events.


Durvesh Yadav

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