Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh – The incredible journey of the Monarch of Logistics Industry

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, a well-known personage in shipping and logistics industry, is currently working in the capacity of Country Head – Asia Shipping International Transport Pvt. Ltd., India (a Latin American-based multinational). His extensive proficiency of +22 years in numerous assignments, Dr. Singh is a prominent personality in the trade.  With Excellent Communication, Problem-Solving Skills, and Leadership Aptitude he stands out of the crowd with his in-depth knowledge of the Logistics Industry.

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh would be the one-word equivalent of Positive approach, optimism, relentless hard work, dedication, passion, and kindness. Needless to mention, there are many traits that lead to his successful career in professional life, and all these attributed collectively resulted in his phenomenal success.

Dr. Singh has made symbolic contribution to pharmaceutical, white goods, retail, sanitaryware and paper / pulp industry during the course of his long career. He carved a niche in automotive industry as part of his industrial expansion. He successfully presented several conferences, seminars, group discussions, and workshops on the “Just in Time” production control system for their logistics and supply chain.  With grass-roots understanding, he gave solutions on scheduling production, aligning product demand with plant capacity, ensuring input availability, multiple techniques and concepts to strategically minimize shipment life duration with diverse cost-effective measures.  Honda Group, Subros, Sumitomo Group, Toyota, Motherson Group, TATA Group, Jaquar India Ltd., JK Group, U-Flex Group, Haier, and Carrier Aircon are just a few examples of top-notch industrial companies.

His innate optimistic demeanor drew a large international partner network, resulting in colossal expansion of the company’s business. He also has a thorough understanding of risk assessment in a complicated setting, as situations are always changing due to the dynamic nature of logistics industry. With strong emotional intelligence and people skills, he has the ability to manage problems quietly and tacitly.   Mr. Singh lead a highly motivated staff team by accelerating their skills by designing and implementing several staff training programs, including DGR Courses.

He works with a number of social welfare organizations to urge business volunteers to network and support CSR projects in order to improve their prospects. He hopes to train and advise industrial and business houses on how to rebuild, coordinate, and expand their supply chains in such a way that their logistics becomes a pleasurable experience.

Claim to Fame – Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh

He has been conferred with Hon’ble Doctorate Degree in Shipping & Logistics from “World Peace Institute of United Nations” which is approved by the Government of India.

Dr. Singh while sharing his words of wisdom said “The most symbolic factor in achieving success is hard work. It is practically impossible to succeed in a venture / business / job unless you are dedicated and put your best efforts into it. Working hard and collectively in a team is the recipe for a thriving and successful business in any field.”

Indeed, Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh’s journey is a live example as an idol to many young generations, which has demonstrated, what it means to think outside the box, take risks, trust in the process, and commit to the journey no matter how tough the pathway is.

Connect – ppsingh7530@gmail.com

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