Griffin Publication launches ‘DOCTORS-NO LESS THAN GODS’ – an Anthology edited by Late Dr S Nilakanta Siva and Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva on 8th May 22.   The event was a tribute to Dr Nilakanta Siva who was a nuclear Scientist and a prolific writer. The book is a collaboration by various Health workers and writers including Eulogies for Dr Nilakanta. The Guest Speakers of the Event were Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala– USA trained Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgeon, trained fertility Specialist, currently Sr Consultant Gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon at Moolchan Medcityand apolo Cradle Hospital, New Delhi, Dr Anup Rajadhyaksha– MS Ophthalmology, Medical Director of Nandini Eye Care Centre- Jogeshwari & Bandra East Mumbai and Dr Raja Rajeshwari Seetha Raman– Lecturer, Author, Certified Translator and Poetess from Malaysia. 

The co-authors of the anthology are –Dr S Nilakanta Siva, Dr Madhulika Banerjee, Shalini Samuel, Amruta Ashish, Dr N Raghav, Dr Bhavani Chandrasekharan, Aarthi V Karanam, Dr Lavanya Raghavan, Dr P C Aishwarya Ganga, R Supraja, Anjali Jha, Gita Nambiar, Ramani Krithivasan, Rajan Mehra and Susmita Chakraborty.

The book cover was designed by Kalaivani Radhakrishnan, a Chennai based doodle creator.

The show was hosted by Mousumi K Sachdeva, CEO- Griffin Publication.

‘Doctors- No Less than Gods – Those Hands that Heal’ is an Anthology celebrating the existence of doctors. The book is a dream project of Late Dr Nilakanta Siva who with his wife Rajalakshmi Siva wished to pay tribute to all the doctors and Health workers. Unfortunately, he had to leave for his heavenly abode before the release of the book with many incomplete dreams. However, the project was undertaken by Griffin publication and was finally released fulfilling his dream.

Dr Sadhana spoke about the duties of a doctor saying Doctors are no Gods and that their lives are dedicated to save people. She wished success for the book.

Dr Anup stated that doctors are human, however they are treated as Gods. He spoke about the tough times during covid in Mumbai and how successfully we could deal with the pandemic as compared to many countries.

Dr Raja Rajeshwari spoke very high about doctors referring to her children who are medical practitioners and how they had to fight like warriors during the Pandemic in Malaysia although not for long.

Dr Madhulika read out her verse from the book and paid tribute to Dr Nilakanta; Amruta Ashish expressed her joy with the release of the book, R Krithivasan spoke about his experiences and spoke on his story, Mr Rajan Mehra congratulated Griffin Publication for the accomplishment of this project and expressed his gratitude towards the health workers. Kalaivani wished that the tradition to bring out health related books should continue thus keeping the  Nilakanta sir’s dreams alive .

CEO Griffin Publication- Mousumi K Sachdeva thanked all the esteemed guests and congratulated the co-authors for the success of the book.

The book is available on Amazon and will be soon available at KDP for all the countries.https://www.amazon.in/dp/9391813224/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_WS5WZEKRZK6TQJSJ02BP

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