Dermaplast Aesthetic Clinic: Make a permanent move!

Every great cause is fueled by consistent efforts. And it is consistency and hard work that helps people in achieving their goals not just for themselves, but the benefit and service of society too.

That’s what drove the Co-Founders of Dermaplast: Dr. Saurabh, Dr. Kajol, Dr. Akshay and Dr. Leena who were determined to provide affordable, effective, and sustainable hair and skin care treatment to the general public.

Despite hair-loss being a universal phenomenon, recent trends have shown that an increasing number of youth in their early and mid-20’s in India are now taking up Hair-care treatments. The rise in awareness of hair-care among the people in metro cities is one of the primary reasons for this. With the onset of the COVID Pandemic, there were even more growing concerns due to increased hair loss which was observed as a side-effect among individuals recovering from the virus.

During this time, there were certain technicians and doctors who resorted to fraudulent means to take undue advantage of the situation and provide sub-standard hair care solutions to the unsuspecting masses, and charging them exorbitantly for the same.

To tackle this, the founders decided to take up the challenge of providing quality treatment solutions for hair and skin, with complete transparency.

Dr. Saurabh, who leads the Clinic, is a seasoned practioner and has notable experience in delivering top-notch patient care. His dexterity combined with business acumen proved to be vital in the establishment of Dermaplast.

Dr. Kajol is the CEO and Co-founder of the clinic, practising Aesthetic medicine specially in Facial Aesthetics and Hair Restoration, is a proponent of vegan products, and actively recommends utilizing such products as a sustainable alternative in her diagnosis and medications.

Dr. Akshay is passionate about delivering exceptional care and streamlined Surgical Solutions for the patients, through the use of advanced digital technology.

His goal is to design an individual treatment plant to help each and everyone of his patients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Dr Leena is a Board Certified Dermatologist with vast experience in diagnosis and management of various complex disorders in both Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology areas.

 Transparency and Ethical approach to hair and skin-care are the founding principles at Dermaplast. Their primary objective is to make quality hair and skin care available to the masses, which people usually shy away from due to the sheer cost of availing such services. For more, Visit : –

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