Career coach Krishna Sneh impacts thousands of students through her effective coaching system.

Education is a very foremost necessity for every child. But the proper system of education and guidance for the students after their secondary classes becomes crucial as their time of selecting the career of their choice starts. Students from small towns and rural backgrounds don’t enjoy this privilege to get guidance from the proper resourceful persons. Mentor Krishna Sneh has been working on this and has been able to stamp her significance in this sector.

Krishna Sneh is a systematic career coach, from Ranchi, Jharkhand. She has been working to provide the best career guidance. With her own organization Cutie Marks Career Counseling Service, Krishna has been trying to impact thousands of lives by guiding them in their education as well as professional lives. However, this was not an overnight success for Krishna. She has worked for it. She has breathed her passion.

Krishna comes from a very humble family. She and her sister were the first girls to study post-graduation in their family. Krishna says it became possible because of her father’s love for education and making his daughters independent. They had nobody to guide them those days. They also had limited exposure that they couldn’t get opened to the world back in the early days. But her father backed them in every step and supported them in their highs and lows.

This made Krishna understand all the hardships that small-town and rural background students would go through in their educational and professional careers. She decided to support them morally to make a conscious choice in life by providing the necessary guidance in the early stage of their careers. Thus she opted to support and coach students in the age bracket of 15-26 who are on the verge of making wise decisions in their early careers. She had a strong desire to support them right from their secondary classes because she was aware of infusing excellence in education at the right time so that it’d make their lives impactful and happier. She carried the responsibility to build their identity and make students utilize their full potential to satisfy their very existence in life. 

Krishna kicked off her career as a communication skill instructor 23 years ago. There she got an opportunity to interact with students and know their abilities and disappointments. It became easy for her to gauge what’s needed for them concerning building a strong career for them. Moreover, she worked around career planning, gap analysis, and upskilling for the chosen career path. Working in different domains of education gave her an edge to take this career path. She was a teacher, headmistress, and an educator as well. 

After working for these many years in the industry, Krishna decided to launch her career counsel platform named Cutie Marks Career Counseling Services in March 2022, through which she decided to give a proper shape to what she was doing for many decades. She supports them to actualize their full potential channelizing their abilities and core competencies to make their road to success clear. Finding the gaps in a way and filling them with skill and brilliance was the path to holistic and sustainable success. 

In her coaching, Krishna has designed her program for UG and PG students to make them industry ready as soon as they fall out of college. She is supporting them to fetch online internships in world-class organizations. She has realized that developing an entrepreneurial mindset can take the students so long and make them job givers rather than being job seekers. 

Apart from these, Krishna has studied psychology as well and she understands the psychology of the students. It helps her better in understanding the immediate requirements of the students. During her study, only she had come to know how important learning to solve the aptitude tests was. Thus she has been stressing a lot about this to improve the problem-solving mindset of students.

Krishna is a Certified Career Analyst with 4.8 * Google rating .

She is the Jharkhand State President WICCI, Equitable Parenting Council. She has also set up a  Future Ready Students community in order to support students to address their queries.

Her USP is making students identify and acquire the suitable  skills combination to attain sustainable career success.

Krishna’s works and achievements have brought her huge fame and feathers to her crown. She has received a President  Award for Community Service. She also had an opportunity to be the speaker at the Impact Leadership conference last year which was held by Taysey Consultancy. She has been featured in School Reformer Magazine. She has been associated with the HP Alpha project which is a collaborative effort by HP, NIIT, and Adhvait India Foundation. Here they are digitalizing the 50 government schools in the Ranchi district of Jharkhand. She has also written a book on Career Planning which is going to be published by Amazon .

Krishna’s effort to create an impact in society has been tremendous and commendable. Her single thought that other students from small towns and rural backgrounds shouldn’t suffer the hardships she faced in her childhood has brought her to this stage. Her commitment to the betterment of education has enabled her to transform thousands of lives.

Ms. Krishna Sneh offers 15 mins free Career Counseling sessions to young adults. Feel free to book an appointment at .

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