In times when mediocrity is overwhelming, it is art that calms the soul. Art is a superpower that is often deprived of its stature and magnanimity amidst the pragmatism and realism of life. However, its ability to touch and transform lives is what makes it the elixir.

When art meets fashion, it is like the reunion of two karmic souls. We have often heard people opining that fashion is personal. But then so is art. Isn’t it?

Art connects you to your emotions. To what you feel and what truly defines you. Much like fashion, which at the end of the day is your being and your way of showing the world who you truly are!

Calcutta Mantra, a Premium Clothing brand from Kolkata acknowledge this synergy and offer you art in conjunction with fashion. They bring to you snippets of your cultural identity. To what it means to be a Bengali and make an attempt to get you closer to your roots. To the city that engulfs you in its warmth everytime you think of it. To the City of Joy, Calcutta!

The vision of Calcutta Mantra is not like the quintessential clothing brands. Though they believe in delivering quality handspun cotton products to their clients, the end goal is different. They want to act as a facilitator of art, a medium that patronizes our rich cultural identity and showcases the inexplicable beauty of the artworks done by their special panel of artists whom they identify from various parts of Bengal and after undergoing serious thought process to create the graphics so that each one of the product becomes a story by itesef.

Calcutta Mantra deeply feels that what stirs their customers to buy their products apart from the superior quality of products on the offering is primarily the small snippet they offer them into their cultural identity. Till now they have been able to reach out to a wide range of customers, catering to individuals across all age groups and that to them is like a reaffirmation that their vision to bring together fashion and art is acknowledged with love and gratitude. They are happy to announce that though they started off as just a clothing brand, they are now also offering coasters, mugs alongside comfortable and 100% handspun cotton tee shirts. They are expanding and it is just a matter of time before they diversify their product range further and become a more inclusive brand.

They strongly believe that their endeavour will bring each one of their patrons closer to their roots and that for them will be their significant takeaway, their biggest success and their truly defining moment.

They ensure premium quality pure soft cotton fabric that is extremely comfortable for daily use and is suitable for usage in every season. The printing technology used is of the most superior quality for impeccable finish and to make the artworks come to life.

Their  tee shirts are all size inclusive and they have all kinds of tshirts- Unisex, Women’s, Polo, Oversized & V-neck.

If thats not all, they also specialise in customising tees. You can get your own designs and they will print it using the highest quality printing techniques.

So why the wait? Hop into this cultural juggernaut and explore what it feels to be a part of Calcutta Mantra!

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