BS Sahana becomes the star entrepreneur through her natural health and wellness care brand.

Marketing has been moving so fast that hundreds of new products are hitting the market. Today, health and wellness products are becoming so much favoured  that people are getting overwhelmed in choosing the best solution for their problems. When the customers know ins and outs of the products they use, the belief and trust increases on the brand.

AE Naturals is a healthcare brand that produces natural products for health and wellness. This Bangalore-based brand, started by BS Sahana in 2013 is becoming the household name of every Indian. AE Naturals is the brand of a parent company called Amazing Enterprises. Thousands of customers are using their products which are free from any side effects.

Sahana started her venture by producing neem oil in the beginning. There’s a common incident that happened in Sahana’s life behind establishing this brand. She has completed her graduation from Sheshadripuram College in Bangalore. One day Sahana went to the market to buy neem oil for her hair according to her mother’s advice. But it was time-consuming as she couldn’t find the neem oil easily in the market. Though she found it later, it was of low quality. She understood that people might not have an awareness of neem oil so the good quality product might not be available. So she thought to get the best one from the factory itself.

But what she saw in the factory appalled her. All the good properties of the neem were extracted and used in the preparations of various products to export. The leftover oil was to be sent to the market as neem oil. So this neem oil would be of inferior quality as its innate natural qualities would be filtered away. Sahana also learned that people have got limited knowledge about these kinds of naturally available medicinal products and have adjusted to using this low-quality oil.

This made Sahana introduce the best quality neem oil to the people. So she prepared a neem oil and started spreading knowledge about that in her closed circle and on social media platforms. Thus her product became popular and attracted many people. Gradually the product began creating an impact on the customers. They started sharing their problems with Sahana and asked for solutions.

Sahana also discussed with her known Ayurvedic doctor and discussed exploring ways to prepare wellness and healthcare products according to the requirements of customers. Thus she took a careful step before giving what her customers asked for.  As a result of this after a lot of study and research, Sahana added more than 100 products to AE Naturals which are good for health and wellness.

Sahana started operating her brand from her home itself and she didn’t have anybody to work with her. Now she has given employment to more than 50 people through AE Naturals. The name of the company, Amazing  Enterprises, draws its name from nature itself as it is amazing and has innumerable medicinal plants in its depth for human health. Hence AE Naturals mean Amazing Enterprises Naturals. So, she thought it’d be an apt name for it.

AE Naturals products are available through all major e-commerce brands. You can avail of all kinds of natural products from their exclusive retail stores also. Here you can find all their products. They also have started giving the franchise to open stores of their exclusive brands from August 2022.

Sahana has a lot more good intentions than merely making money from this business. She wants people to get knowledge about the best Ayurvedic medicines and natural products. So she decided to give free consultations from Ayurvedic doctors at every store.

AE Naturals store is a single platform that gives quality products to its customers. They recently have launched different sections which offer a parlor and saloon range of products. facial kits, pedicures, manicure related equipment are made available through their brand. They have collaborated with other brands also to give the best to their customers. They are creating a pushing board for other products too where they can reach the huge customer base created by AE Naturals. They are also promoting other brands on their app and physical stores by giving them valuable insights and thus pushing toward growth.

AE Naturals sees customers as its priority. All their products are designed to improve their health and happiness. The ingredients used are of high quality. They want to have a good relationship with their customers. Their relationship managers take utmost care to understand their customer’s problems and give the best possible solutions for them. Moreover, they also conduct educational programs from their experts for their customers regularly in order to educate them regarding their health and happiness. They also offer free products for poor people who can’t afford their products.

Till now Sahana has grown her brand to the extent that they have served more than 50000 happy customers across the nation. They still want to expand their brand and want to establish their store in every assembly constituency. They are also providing franchise options for interested people to take on and reap the best income. AE Naturals are working to create a sustainable society by using indigenous natural products for better results.

Durvesh Yadav

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