Book Your Next Holiday Destination to Dubai, Thailand, Bali or Cordelia Cruises with India’s Leading Travel Agency, KBGTRIPS

Travelling is an expression of freedom and happiness, as it broadens one’s perception of the world and exposes an individual to a new way of life. No matter the distance, travel is said to positively impact the mind and body and broaden learning experiences and skills. Moreover, it is known to reduce stress and anxiety and boost one’s confidence while making memories.

Planning a trip beforehand helps one enjoy every moment of it. Besides making travel more affordable, creating an itinerary has several bonuses. Over the past few years, foreign travel has become the new craze in India, and even the middle class saves up for that one foreign vacation. In this regard, KBGTRIPS is a saviour for Indian travellers in all aspects, as it is one of the most renowned holiday and online booking agencies and has expertise in curating the most amazing vacations.

KBGTRIPS was officially established in 2015 by KBG Gangadhar, an entrepreneur, actor, and producer, with the aim of making international travel affordable and hassle-free for the middle class. His travel agency offers a wide range of holiday packages for destinations across the world at the most competitive prices, starting at Rs. 7999. KBG Gangadhar states that, being a customer-centric company, his travel agency focuses on keeping the travel zeal alive by treating its customers to an unparalleled experience exclusively designed to suit their needs.

The leading online travel agency also caters to B2B and B2C prices, along with offering the most affordable holiday packages in 132 countries. In addition, the agency offers travellers the option to create and design their own holiday and choose from an array of different activities to cover all holiday needs. Since international holidays are always exciting and offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, KBGTRIPS curates the most budget-friendly packages for exotic and picturesque destinations, including Thailand, Dubai, Bali, and Europe.

Rich in cultural heritage, India has a lot to offer in terms of diversity. The architectural marvels, serene beaches, and forests always make for an exceptional trip with a box full of memories. From a short weekend trip to an extensive long holiday, KBGTRIPS specialises in planning the most suitable getaway at the lowest cost.

Apart from offering the most competitive prices, KBGTRIPS is also an authorised partner of Cordelia Cruise, India’s premium cruise brand. Being one of the official ticket booking partners, KBGTRIPS makes one’s cruise vacation an unforgettable and beautiful experience. As exciting as this retreat sounds, the cruise departs from Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Cochin , and Sri Lanka and offers comfortable cruise ship staterooms to immerse oneself in luxury and enjoy the activities and entertainment on board.

Moreover, KBGTRIPS is also well-known as the celebrity travel agency and holds a record number of holiday packages curated for film stars across India. In addition to catering to them, the leading travel agency has also tied up with top-reputed film production houses in India.

The founder, KBG Gangadhar, states that his company follows the idea of  “We Make Happy Holidays” and looks forward to serving more and more customers. He strongly believes that travel opens new horizons and that new experiences make people happy. He urges everyone to travel abroad at least once a year and experience a splendid vacation blended with tranquility and thrill. 

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