Begin Your Journey Towards a Happier and Effective Way of Life with Hopepreneur Dr. Monica Nagpal

Mindfulness and meditation are known to improve cognitive ability, process emotions clearly, and effectively deal with stress and anxiety. In modern times, practising these techniques can lead one to a greater level of self-awareness and fulfilment in life.

Dr. Monica Nagpal is a Hyderabad-based “doctor of hope and happiness”. She holds a Ph.D. in education and is the founder of Hope and Happiiness, a platform through which she helps people awaken their true selves and begin their journey towards a happier and effective way of life. Dr. Monica is a certified meditation and mindfulness coach and also a parenting advisor who has touched the lives of more than 500 women and children and inspired them to lead a purposeful and happy life.

Her journey in this field began when she received a scholarship to pursue her doctorate in education. Following her marriage,she shifted to Hyderabad and started her research on primary education. Her love and adoration for children motivated her to start a primary school, and she gave birth to her son around the same time. By the time she completed her degree, she had given birth to a daughter, and then family responsibilities took a toll on her.

During these difficult times, the lack of emotional support led Dr. Monica to find her peace and quiet her mind by learning courses such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Art of Living, Vasthu, and even astrology. Dr. Monica recalls and states this phase as the period of dormancy, the winter of her life, when the seed takes in all and waits for the right time to sprout and bloom. She states that practicing  Buddhist philosophy acted as the nurturer of her soul and transformed her from a complaining, dissatisfied individual to a vibrant person. Dr. Monica states that it took 25 long years of hibernation for her winter to turn into spring and still she could keep the spark alive and burning.

Following this, she geared up, upskilled herself, and became a mindfulness, happiness, parenting, meditation, NLP, and hypnotherapy coach. Having learned it all and as she wasready to unleash her true potential, the COVID pandemic struck. This was the turning point in life for Dr. Monica, and at this juncture she decided to launch her endeavour, Hope and Happiiness.

She started with online workshops with the aim of forming a support circle for women undergoing stress, grief, and difficulty in parenting. Dr. Monica’s vision to create a world of hope and happiness for all women and children has finally taken shape, and presently she provides meditation and mindfulness courses, one-on-one counselling, advises parents, and conducts parenting and happiness workshops.

As a hopepreneur, she instils hope in her clients to never give up and assists parents to renew their connection with their children and thus have a harmonious family. Moreover, as a Buddhist practitioner, she believes in creating the right cause and dignity for each life and is thereby also involved in working towards spreading awareness about the SDGs.

Her compassionate nature and listening skills are the superpower through which she helps women and children recognise their deadlocks and remove them from their lives. Dr. Monica advocates value-based education methodology and integrates mindfulness and meditation to transform individuals.

Apart from this, Dr. Monica is also passionate about writing poetry and encourages, motivates, and inspires people through her poems and quotes. To date, her work has been published in three anthologies, and she looks forward to becoming an author. ForDr. Monica,life truly begins at 50, and she believes thatperseverance and discipline are her strengths, through which  she has helped empower manyindividuals.

She has also been volunteering as a teacher with Teach for Change for the past 4 years and has delivered sessions on mental health, happiness, mindfulness, and emotional regulation in institutions. Her mission is to enable women and children to become exemplary and empower them to lead a fulfilled and meaningful life. Moreover, Dr. Monica helps people pave the way towards their lost passions and believes in the Four Cs—connection, cooperation, collaboration, and creation—for growth in life.

Dr. Monica has set a benchmark by working with professional women leaders to enable them to mindfully manifest their inherent potential and thus climb the ladder of success in their personal and professional lives. Furthermore, her remarkable work with teenagers has helped them overcome their fears and phobias and live true to their authentic selves. Her coaching has enabled children and youth to bring out their inner potential, realise their real purpose in life, and lead humanity with a compassionate heart. She strongly believes that this world needs more humanistic leaders, parents, teachers, and individuals to actualize a society of peace and mutual respect.

Being a humanistic educator herself, Dr. Monica has equipped teachers to be nurturers and focuses on growing together with the children. She believes that inner work is a continuous process and firmly stands by the quote by Gandhi, “Be the change that you seek outside.”

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