Apurv Singh Awarded by Nation’s Icon Award 2022

Internet has changed lifestyle and the way of working not only now it has become part of our lives but is also one of the essential factors that governs our living. Apurv Singh understood this and now is governing businesses, education and health sector.

In the year 2014 Apurv Singh started his journey with Times Internet, there he was associated with Times Internet where he helped in scaling of Times Internet application, while working with Times Internet he learnt a lot of things. He has continuously worked on digitalization and internet marketing.

Leading projects that Apurv has worked on includes;

  • Building India’s first D2C Brands.
  • Starting India’s first Digital Marketing EdTech brand— Sorted
  • Digitalization of Big Bazar— shopbigbazar

And various others projects are undertaken by Apurv. He has made his distinctive identity in the field of digital marketing. His expertise lies in guiding, mentoring and training professionals and individuals sharing know-how of running businesses digitally on internet.

To provide help and assistance Apurv Singh along with his two co-founders established Sorted. Sorted is an EdTech platform that provides proper and quality education about digital marketing to the business’ owners and serial entrepreneurs to adapt digital marketing and take their business online.

Sorted, a digital platform where anyone from anywhere across the globe. As of date Sorted has learners worldwide. “Businesses were keen to grow on digital platforms and have their presence globally, they were willing to invest time and money in digitalization but were unaware about the basic information and were clueless on how to get stated or how to scale,” said Apurv when he was asked about how did the plan to started sorted occur.

Providing lessons and courses on digital marketing Apurv with his years of experience in the field has now helped various business grow. He not only guides but also mentors small and large businesses offering them consultancy services as well.

Following the pandemic every sector of the economy was hit. COVID-19 gave us a reality check about health care system and the medical resources that was when Apurv Singh thought of providing quality and premium healthcare services. To provide such services Apurv joined Livlong. Livlong is the brand that provides that healthcare services at a very affordable rate. Livlong is on the mission to reduce out of pocket expenses on healthcare and make them affordable to the masses. The venture has revolutionized the healthcare sector and provides comprehensive coverage to Indians.

Apurv firmly believes that his expertise is best utilized when it is used for the used for the welfare for fellow Indians. He says, “Good health is the need of the hour.”   Livlong has made health an accessible right and with the help of Apurv and his expertise Livlong has already touch 50,000 lives and is counting in just three months.

Apurv is a marketing expert who is a recognized name in this industry because of his talent, passion and dedication. His expertise in Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing has benefited various companies such as Big Bazar, Brand Factory, Central with, All-the plus size etc., are the companies where Apurv has provided his services and helped them scaled.

Apurv has been recognized with various awards and recognitions, such as;

  • In the year 2018, Cox and Kings awarded him Marketer of the Year in the travel category.
  • In 2020, he made a global case study with Google on how India’s biggest retail chain: big bazaar adapted digital and reaches out to consumers at scale while also being profitable.

He recently for his commendable job he has been awarded Nation’s Icon Award 2022, by EnGame Publishing House. Apurv has played a pivotal role in making these e-commerce businesses profitable and has made them sustainable.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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