Animal Reiki and Energy Healing specialist Indrani can remove distress from your pet’s life through Way of Artemis

How do you feel when you return home tired and your pet comes running to you with its eyes full of joy to welcome you? Don’t you just forget about your tiredness and start playing with your pet? Now, let us ask you another question. How do you feel when the same pet keeps lying in a corner of your home day after day because it is suffering from anxiety, pain, or sorrow? Won’t you just take your beloved pet to someone who can remove the distress and bring back the joy in him or her life?  A soothing non-invasive energy work might be the answer you are looking for if you are struggling with a cat or dog or a farm animal’s physical or emotional distress. You will find that answer with Indrani, the Founder of Way of Artemis, a place for Animal Reiki and Energy Healing,

And though she is based in Bengaluru, she has happy loyal clients all over the globe as the sessions do not need you to travel to meet her in – person. Especially with animals travel to an unknown place can often be stressful and you can participate from the comfort of your home.

Indrani has made it the mission of her life to help animals find relief from physical and emotional distress using comforting and non-invasive Animal Reiki and Energy Healing.

What led Indrani to start Way of Artemis?

Indrani says it all started with three cats – Artemis, Amadeus, and Duchess.

She says on her website “In 2010 my world fell apart with the loss of Artemis. Amadeus went into deep despair and had given up on life. No conventional medical treatments worked. The vet gave up any hope for his surviving. This was when I accidentally bumped into Reiki and my first Reiki teacher. It took 30 minutes and a single Reiki session to have Amadeus bounce back to life. And I was forever hooked onto Reiki. In her own way, Artemis in her spirit form had blessed us with the gift of this magical world of energy healing. And this was just the first of the many miracles I witnessed with my cats and the power of energy healing.”

Today, Indrani is an Animal Reiki Teacher, Animal Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner, and Energy Worker dealing with multiple modalities such as Scalar Waves.

Why choose Way of Artemis

Way of Artemis offers unique personalized sessions based on what each animal needs.

In each session, Indrani starts with Animal Communication and based on what the animal shares, uses a custom blend of multiple energy work techniques including Shamanic Clearing, Scalar Waves, Breathwork and/or Reiki that is best suited for the situation.

Indrani says that the only risk of a session is you falling in love with Reiki. Her mantra is “Connection. Compassion. Comfort.”

All sessions are distant and you do not need to travel with an already distressed cat or dog.

The benefits energy work provides to your pets:

– smoother recovery from surgeries and illnesses,

– relief from emotional trauma,

– chronic illnesses and supports aging in seniors,

– adjust to a new home or changes in the family,

– eases end-of-life transitions

The proof of the pudding is in its eating and Indrani has two anecdotes to share about Way of Artemis:

1. This is the story of Tucker, a street cat who somehow found his way to a loving home. But he was terrified of humans and his human mom reached out for help. This handsome kitty told his story of being hurt by humans when he was out on the streets. It took several rounds of regular animal communication and energy work. Sometimes it was frustrating, but his mom had faith. Indrani says they started doing joint sessions for both Tucker and his human mom to address her emotions around Tucker. Slowly and steadily, a day at a time, a step at a time, Tucker started opening up and started trusting again. It wasn’t instant magic but the change was there to stay.

2. The second anecdote is about a Labradoodle named Max, who lived with loving parents and was young and playful and full of energy. That was until he had a nasty accident that left him with a fractured leg. The surgery was a success. And yet Max seemed lithe and slow as if the life had gone out of him. This was when his parents reached out for an energy work session at  Way of Artemis. Indrani worked with Max for a week. She spoke to him and understood that he was scared. He was also a very sensitive soul and all the medical treatments were adding to his distress. With gentle Animal Reiki, he started trusting Indrani with more direct Shamanic energy work. The sessions continued and his mom reported that it was as if the light had come back into his eyes. Max had found his inner strength back and was well on his way back to his loving playful self.

What if you want to learn Animal Reiki?

Apart from the treatment Way of Artemis provides for your pets it also offers Animal Reiki Training and Certification. For the first time in India, Indrani offers the Let Animals Lead(R) Animal Reiki Certification which she learned directly from the founder, Kathleen Prasad.

Here you will learn:

-Traditional Reiki practices and how to use them in daily life.

-How to uncover your authentic self.

-The Reiki Precepts and how to use them in daily life.

-Reiki hand-positions and how to offer a session.

-How to share Reiki with animals and how to be an animal magnet.

-How to start your professional practice

Indrani’s Achievements

Besides being the Founder of Way of Artemis, Indrani also has several achievements to be proud of, including:

Animal Reiki Teacher at Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Volunteer at DHN Network

Co-hosting World Animal Reiki Day celebrations in 2021 and 2022

Indrani expresses gratitude to the animals for what she is today.

She says, ” I have now dedicated my profession to be of service to the animals, without whom I would not have made it this far.” Indrani’s dream is to be of service to the animals and she shares a brief message saying, “I believe in nurturing a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity and sovereign beings. I believe that our animal companions are as spiritual as we are and are often our teachers and Guide.”

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