Ajay Chauhan – The Rising Star and young ENTREPRENEUR telling his own inspiring story, the journey from zero to becoming hero in Ed-Tech Industry. He is Awarded by IAF 2020 to become the Young & Successful ENTREPRENEUR.

 “My Dream doesn’t allow me to sleep.”

The process of ENTREPRENEURSHIP taught him how to stay strong always in ups and downs. Ajay Chauhan is just not a young Entrepreneur; he is a self-made person and always works hard to make his dreams and wishes come true! He is a true Leader who always walks with his team. He is always ready to fight for all type of odds and future. While studying in college he always visualized to be on the top of rocks. He has a strong belief in “law of attraction” so he always manifested his unique goals and path which is not picked up yet. Hence, his stars began shining and he gave birth to LiveLake.
Academic Background-
“An Egghead can Break all the Records” and he proved that by breaking his own records in studies. He has done B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, Studied business management & marketing from IIM(Kozhikode), Masters in Business Analytics from Arizona State University, Entrepreneur Professional from London Business School. He always proved himself a top scorer in school days, college and in university. After completing all his studies, he started his career as a Managing Director in a multi-national company. He was doing very well in his professional career but that was not enough for him. He is passionate about his work, the passion pushed him hard and he build his own company.
  “He never Dreamed for Success, He Worked for It.”
Success is a journey- that shows all ups and downs, no matter how many obstacles you are facing, but you have to be focused on your goal. Enjoy this journey, Trust the process and believe in yourself, No one can stop you to reach at the top.
                   What he Thinks, When the Idea Popped up in his Mind- 
Might be not everyone has the ability to understand your vision and your goal.
During the pandemic, he realized that it is going to affect badly on our education system. Education is our Right, but my question is how many of us are getting a world-class and qualitative education? In metro cities, education system is touching the skies. Not all parents can afford to provide the highly expensive courses and first-class education to their children. However, as the time passes this world requires many-more bright students and competitors. Many of students get failed due to a lack of confidence, mentor guidance and right education. He always wanted to figure out this problem that many of student faces once in their career that what to choose or what not, which course will be the good for them or not. We all face this dilemma during our schooling. And then my dream converted into a big REALITY. He was over the moon when LiveLake was born. His long-term vision is to provide the top-class and right education between the age group of 2.5 – 40 years.About the LiveLake-
LiveLake is an E-learning platform. Pandemic taught us many lessons but one good lesson that we all are aware and that is “Online Education”. We met to online education during the pandemic. For the first time ever, our schools have shifted to E-learning platform. We are the first in India to launch Robotics program online. We are on our way to becoming the number one e-learning platform not only in India but the world over. We have experts’ alumni from IITs and offer the mentorship program through inventive industry experts from IITs and Stanford.
E-learning platforms are breaking all the records though, Online education saves our valuable time, money, and energy. Somewhere we are making a move to create a better environment for humans. Through the e-learning platform, students will be able to add their skills to their professional careers. They can become a young scientist, young coder, web developer, develop mobile games, create mobile applications, build websites, design websites, etc.
As per the research, by the upcoming academic year, 2023 maximum number of students will be registered through the e-learning platform.
LiveLake is offering robotics, coding, and other courses at very affordable prices. So that, parents do not think twice about their kid’s enrollment. We are giving top-class education, flexible choices, & other key benefits to our students. Our enrolled students are getting the best faculties, designed curriculum, mentorship program, scholarship program, flexible options, joining the yoga and Zumba classes to take a break from daily-routine studies, and so on. Our long-term vision is to provide education between 2.5 to 40 years. LiveLake is just not an E-learning platform it’s our Vision to provide a world-class education.

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