Achieve Financial Freedom as a Freelancer by enrolling in Digital Marketing Coach Roohi Fida’s Mentorship Programme

Digital marketing is known to be one of the most cost-effective and revolutionary means of connecting a business to its customer base. In the modern times, where businesses are storming into the virtual space, digital interactions have become a fundamental necessity to boost customer engagement and sales.

Besides making business operations smooth, digital marketing provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to build their dominant online presence and increase profitability. The process of digital marketing also paves the way for developing suitable marketing strategies with the ongoing trend rather than depending on conventional methods of marketing.

Roohi Fida is a 30-year-old, a Mother, Freelancing Marketing Coach and an Entrepreneur and the co-founder of Digital Clink, a digital marketing agency based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Roohi started agency with the aim of helping Businesses to generate more Leads and sales and help them in growing their revenue by building a strong online presence.

Moreover, she is widely known for her mentorship programme, Digital Clink Academy, a 12-week intensive learning programme that aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their freelancing journey by teaching them high-demand marketing skills within a short span of 90 days.
Under her leadership, she has trained enthusiasts to become successful 6-figure-earning freelancers by teaching them the application of high-paying skills even if they do not have any technical knowledge. Roohi’s business acumen and dedication towards her work have been the driving forces that have helped her assist business professionals to skyrocket their sales and make money on the Internet using proven strategies.

The young digital entrepreneur, Roohi, states that despite getting married at the young age of nineteen in 2012, her desire to make it big in life motivated her to pursue education further. Around the same time, Roohi was blessed with a daughter, and finally, in 2014, she enrolled herself in a professional degree programme. Upon the recommendation of her husband, Roohi opted for a degree in pharmacy in 2014 and graduated with the highest marks in college despite being a married woman and a mother. As a mother of four, she strongly believes that kids or family don’t become an obstacle to engaging in professional chores; instead, it is the mindset that determines the quality of work.

Besides, Roohi also states that in order to achieve financial freedom, one does not require expensive degrees or certificates but rather the requisite skills to achieve success. In addition, Roohi believes that if an individual is truly determined, the whole universe paves the path for achieving endless growth. She recalls that when the pandemic hit, her husband’s offline business was severely affected and came to a standstill. During this difficult time, Roohi realised the importance of learning digital marketing skills and enrolled herself in an online course.

Following this, she ventured into her own freelancing business and, within a short span of two years, started earning a six-figure income all alone. Without a physical set-up or office, Roohi takes pride in stating that she has worked with multiple Indian and international clients and has set a benchmark in this field.

Apart from this, Roohi is of the opinion that her passion for teaching and vision of starting a coaching programme took shape in the form of her mentorship programme, which became a success without spending money on ads. Her freedom to work from the comfort of her home and transform the lives of people from different walks of life, including small business owners, engineers, homemakers, graduates, and students, has come a long way.

Presently, Roohi is still engaged in freelancing and delivers outstanding results to all her clients. She also maintains a record of retaining them for more than a year by helping them achieve amazing results. Her journey is truly an inspiration to thousands of women who desire to achieve financial freedom in their lives and make a name for themselves.

If you are interested to learn these high-paying skills and start your own Freelancing Journey, then watch Life changing webinar and apply for the one-on-one Breeakthrough Strategy session with Roohi Fida.

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