In this whole universe we are just like a magnet , We attracts almost everything in our life” these are the words by a self made personality, A renowned NeuroMusculoskeletal  Physiotherapists of the world, specialised a Quantum/Mind & Nature Medicine Scientist Dr. Akhilesh Sahu, Who is Founder / Director of Golden Wellness & Research Center, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. His whole work & efforts are to establish a Holistic Health model of the treatment of the sufferings of a person as Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Health, Spiritual Health, Relationship, Social & Environmental Health. Today, a vision for a new kind of health care is coming out, which is “Patient Oriented” instead of “Disease Oriented” Based on Healing not only Treatment. Dr. Akhilesh Sahu is doing Research since last 12 years to find out Cure for incurable diseases and establish a Holistic / Integrative Health care model. For this he has earned Multiple Degrees in different integrative medicine approaches & register his name in WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, LONDON & made WORLD RECORD for “Being First Physio in the World, received/earned 06 Master’s Programmes & Double 02 Doctorate / PhDs in 04 Different Healing Systems as Manual Medicine, Nature Medicine, Mind/Quantum Medicine & Energy Medicine (A Holistic Medicine/Wellness Approach) at Mind & Body level till 24 May 2022 at the age of 37 years”. He has get a title of “A TRIPLE DOCTOR” by World Book of Records, London.

He has already established his name for being “BEST PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER IN CENTRAL INDIA”in 2015 & Currently again as “BEST PHYSIOTHERAPY/CHIROPRACTIC & HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTRE IN CENTRAL INDIA” as Golden Wellness & Research Center, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. His base expertise is in NeuroMusculoskeletal Physiotherapy as M.P.T(Musculoskeletal). From begining his mindset was like a searcher, in the process he has developed his own manual medicine concept as INTEGRATED MANUAL MEDICINE (IMM) & CRANIOSPINAL MECHANICS (CSM) to deal NeuroMusculoskeletal Conditions. He always focus to develop  integrative approach to meet PHYSICAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL & MENTAL WELLNESS.

Born in a middle class family, He always found the ideology and concept of spirituality very fascinating. He loves nature and have a very deep perception about it. Quantum science attracted him a lot. He always wish to go deep in the existence of this universe & find the real key to unlock Health, Wealth & Relationship.

To learn new things is his passion. This journey brings him in the position, where he stand as “A Triple Doctor” : One as Medical Consultant of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Second as PhD in Nature Medicine and Third as PhD in PsychoNeurobics/Quantum Medicine.

He is a husband of a beautiful wife Dr. Nivedita Sahu & Father of two angel kids Ashi & Ansh.

They Founded GOLDEN WELLNESS & RESEARCH CENTER in 2014 by aiming to establish a holistic methods to cure physical, physiological & mental illness.

Currently he is working as A NeuroMusculoskeletal, Life Style & Mind Medicine Consultant…


His story is connected with a lot of challenges but his mindset was always towards a strong faith in the universe. He belongs to very small place of korea district of chhattisgarh named as chota nagpur, where education was not so good. As a hindi medium 12th education in Govt. school student, he faced alot of challenges during his bachelar course in a complete english medium , but he recover himself very fast & selected as 25th rank in all India level & offered Musculoskeletal branch by the University in Masters MPT programme from new delhi.

He has done various fellowships from india’s renowned hospitals & institutes like AIIMS, New Delhi, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi…

As a manual medicine Physiotherapists he has serve 3 years in Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center, New Delhi…

He always love to found Natural remedies of the diseases with a strong belief on five elements , Nature itself made by these & our body too…so who made us can cure us…when we  started to search our health solutions on nature , we get complete solution.

He has developed alot of new treatment methods & have patents like IMM(Integrated Manual Medicine), CSM(CranioSpino Mechanics), GSTR(Golden Soft Tissue Release)…

By integrating Holistic Medicine Concepts, he has got success to Reverse Life Style Diseases like Arthritis, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Headache, Radiculopathy, Parkinson,s, Diabetic, Hypertension, Thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, Piles, Insomnia, Depression, Stress / Anxiety, GERD, Acidity, Constipation, UTI etc.

He is also in Central team of Indo Vietnam Medical Board & Consultant at HIIMS (Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences).

He has various responsibilities as General Secratary of Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) CG State Branch…

He has setup central India’s first Sound Medicine studio, where he is treating & helping people to upgrade their vibration & help people to heal themself very fast by increasing life force energy, alongwith this he has also launched kirlian photography (Aura & chakra photography & scan) to indentify / diagnose the diseases very early…

Till now more than 25000 cases successfully recovered by him & his team…He has many successful stories to avoid knee replacement, hip replacement & spinal surgeries…  To consult, you can visit

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