Witwake Solutions : Converting unused urban spaces into greener luxury

There are always some spaces in our homes, societies and commercial buildings that have no use and left vacant, a startup company Witwake Solutions Private Limited have understood this problem and now have converted various such spaces into terrace or vertical gardens. “Greenery is the new luxury” says Anupriy Singh, Managing Director Witwake Solutions Private Limited “We create informed, efficient and healthy spaces by the selection of correct plant species and using modern horticulture techniques” he added.

Witwake Solutions was started in 2019 with the vision of converting the unused spaces into a much greener spaces that does not only adds beauty to your space but also give you a place to sit and relax, company also develop kitchen gardens with the understanding of your daily vegetable needs of your family. “Terraces are the most unused space with ample of sunlight that can be easily converted into a year round thriving kitchen garden giving you a fresh harvest of home grown organic vegetables” says Chandan Rai, General Manager Witwake Solutions Private Limited. The company has developed many kitchen and vertical gardens and their work is very much appreciated by their existing customers. It rapidly plans to expand their business in many cities and constantly doing research as to find new ways to develop more sustainable gardens by using Morden methods and technologies.

Now a days people are themselves understanding the value of greenery in their house and most of the houses are build with terrace gardens and vertical gardens on their wall, people are founding it trendy and fashionable having fountains, sculpture and wall gardens. Gardens and greenery also provide them with a space to do their morning yoga, having a tea party or just give them a joy to stay close to nature. Studies have suggested that staying close to nature provides mental peace and helps in reducing stress level. And here comes Witwake Solutions into play they design your place as per your requirements and adds up greenery to your place, company has its headquarter in Lucknow but working on pan India basis. They are working with some of the top corporates and government agencies like Metro Cash and Carry, Mr. Brown and Indian Railways among others.

They have also acknowledged the unavailability of good gardening professionals and so, they have also started providing garden maintenance services on subscription basis, presently they have contracts of maintaining some big gardens and parks, they also provide on door gardening services to catch up with daily gardening requirement of households. Their services include Landscaping, Vertical Gardening, Fountain designing, kitchen gardens, Pergola and Gazeebo designing among others.

As the global warming is increasing and more trees are being cut down there is a huge need of our cities and complexes to go green it does not only takes us close to nature but also adds up a bit for having a good atmosphere for our future generations, we need to understand the value of having plants and trees in our surroundings, trees provide us oxygen, cleanses the air we breath and gives shade and shelter to the birds and other species. And Witwake Solutions are actually providing a solution to this major problem of our cities by converting concrete spaces into a nature rich place.

Website : www.witwake.com

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