The “Yuva ko Puccho” campaign will build a bridge between young India and the government, says youth leader Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey, a political activist and youth leader in India, said, government programmes cost a lot of money to prepare and launch successfully, yet frequently, communication problems prevent the public from taking advantage of these programmes. We shall therefore start our “Yuva ko Puccho” campaign. The goal of this campaign is to close the communication gap between the Jharkhand government and the youth of that state in order to assist the youth in having their opinions heard by the government prior to the planning of public initiatives. Such an experiment will have two direct benefits: first, it will ensure that young people participate in democracy, upholding the spirit of our constitution; and second, the programmes will be more successful than they were in the past and will be tailored to the needs of the target audience.

Pankaj added that throughout the COVID-19 era, everyone experienced shortages and struggled to meet even their most basic needs. At that point, I made the decision to launch the “Yuva ko Jodo” campaign. We encouraged young people who were experiencing financial difficulties at that time to contact one another through Whatsapp platforms by posting a link to several Whatsapp groups addressing them. As a result of this campaign, all the young people came together and helped each other out with starting businesses and other essentials. A unique experiment was conducted in India using WhatsApp groups, where participants also discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the government programmes with one another. This helped a lot of young people get over their financial obstacles. At this point, I realized that if youth were involved in creating government initiatives, then miracles may occur that are currently unimaginable.

After conducting this experiment, Pankaj Pandey is of the opinion that these things can be accomplished at the state level with relative ease. The state government can solicit youth input before releasing a new program to the general public, and doing so is not particularly challenging in this technologically advanced age. The “Yuva ko Jodo” campaign demonstrated that if the government solicits opinions from youth before developing government initiatives, people will benefit more from them because today’s youth are familiar with the technology that the initiatives were enhanced with. Pankaj dedication to social welfare and youth empowerment led him to the realization that this nation needed youth engagement in Indian democracy . So instead of seeking one, he made an effort to emulate one. Due to his affiliation with Young India at the Gram Panchayat level, which paved the road for him, more than a million young people have connected with him through different social media platforms. In addition, Pankaj Pandey made contributions to the families of Indian Army martyrs also. He is aiming to make sure that each family of a martyr in Jharkhand is compensated with at least Rs 1 crore. He and several others created a union “Rashtriya Yuva Shakti”, which is completely focused on assisting the families of martyrs . This union has been working locally to identify and resolve these families’ issues for the past eight years. Pankaj stated during one of the interviews that he appreciates working in the area of martyr’s family happiness. He asserted that in return for the bravery with which our Jawans fought for us, it is our responsibility to ensure the financial and social security of their families.

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