The ‘Kintsugi Moms’ marks the foray of an experienced holistic healing practitioner into the world of non-fiction writing. Whilst recounting incredible stories from her case files of single mothers who overcame seemingly insurmountable hurdles,Dr.Haseena Chokkiyil has curated an anthology brimming with hope and optimism.

The book is clearly divided into two sections for easy reference.In the first part, the author in her lucid and relatable writing style, takes us through the emotional, mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual challenges her clients had to face and the ways they emerged radically  healed,more resilient and beautiful than their previous selves, by adapting the  holistic healing tools advocated by her.

The second part of the book is the elaboration and summary of all the methods mentioned in the previous section. The life changing  techniques which are profoundly simple and effective are so skilfully put together through the experiences of real life protagonists, giving readers the much-needed information about the concepts of health, disease, and metaphysics. They can be easily implemented by everyone, not necessarily single mothers,to extricate themselves from any health challenge, be it psychological, physical, or psychosomatic. Being a single mother herself who conquered Addison’s disease and an early stage of cancer with the same tools ,Dr. Haseena truly leads by example. She drew much inspiration from Ms. Sushmita Sen, during her battle with Addison’s, and perhaps this  coincidence in their healing journeys prompted the incredible former Miss. Universe  and pride of India to endorse the book.

All in all, the Kintsugi Moms is a compendium of invaluable knowledge and insights for anyone in search of healing at any level of existence. The message at the heart of the book is clear, that with a little nudge and guidance in the right direction, no circumstance in life is insurmountable.

About the Author:  Dr. Haseena Chokkiyil has been instrumental in imparting true and radical healing to countless number of suffering souls in her career span of three decades. Apart from being a graduate in Homoeopathic medicine, she has an MSc in clinical nutrition and a post-graduate diploma in counselling and guidance. She is also a globally licensed Heal your life® workshop facilitator under Heart-Inspired Presentations LLC, California. ‘The Kintsugi Moms’ is the culmination of her long  cherished dream to bring out the possibilities of alternative healing therapies to the world  at large while not refuting or rejecting the concepts of  modern  medicine. Infact, she believes that every system of medicine has its own array of  action and therefore an integrated approach keeping the best interest of the patient at hand is the ideal way to go about in the treatment of diseases. She presently works as Chief Medical Officer at a Homoeopathic hospital in Kerala, South India. The book has been extremely well received and gone into reprint within two months of its publication (Published by Hay House India and distributed by Penguin Random House).It has been shortlisted by JK paper and Times of India for the best debut woman author award (non-fiction). It has also been nominated by FICCI  in the same category and been declared the best woman author of the year by Ukiyoto publishers. Kudos to the author for creating a succinct but comprehensive manual of healing broken minds and bodies so aptly named after  Kintsugi, the exquisite Japanese art of repairing broken crockery with gold and lacquer in their cracks thus making them more resilient and beautiful than before.

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