Every company or startup success  there is a lot of hard work behind it.

Bangalore is the startup hub most of reputer and branded companies are started from Bangalore. People don’t know the story or path of the startup to a successful company. As one of the start of the company is just live in the Bangalore Its Hellowcart.

There are a lot of food delivery  apps that have been started and at the same speed they are all shut down.Because they are competing with many big players in the market. They don’t have any long term plans. There its hellowcart stands in the market with a proper long term planning. As for the founders’ talkThey are not competing with anybody else. Because it has a unique combination of Restaurant module Dine-in,Self pickup and Delivery. Which no other is having in it.

The Hellowcart  Founder and team has done a lot of ground work before reaching the market.they are ready with long time planning.

Post Covid end of 2020 founder Avin Shetty and Ganesh Shetty have planned to get some change and new  revelation to market. The founders are mainly from the Hospitality Department background so they have in-depth knowledge about the restaurants module as well as problems. After doing some ground work finally Jan 2021 Registered  the company in the name of  “Hellow cart india private Limited ”. Then started the market research and met a  lot of  restaurants taking the feedback to improve the product. They applied for the trademark of “Hellowcart ” and they got the approval of the trademark. Hellowcart plan has been accepted by govt of india and Recognised one of start of india 2021.

Hellowcart is one of the newly launched Food Delivery startups in Bangalore. Hellowcart comes with All 3 Restaurants modules Like Dine-in, Self pickup and Delivery. Company has been Registered on Jan 2021 Itself. But the team has taken a lot of time and effort to do the  proper research on the market before coming live. After doing 1.5 years of Ground analysis, Survey.  Now hellowcart is live in the market. 

Hellowcart’s main module is food delivery services but it stands differently compared to other food aggregators.. They are charging around 10% commission from the restaurants. Which is very much lower compared to others in the market.  A dedicated and hardworking team is available all the time to solve the  query in a single call.

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Hellowcart did a lot of teamwork and each and every small thing took it very much seriously.  For any company to succeed, a good and hardworking  team is important, Hellowcart has that team. A dedicated and hardworking team is available all the time to

solve the query in a single call. For the company to stay and run for a long  time should have a long time planned too. Hellowcart follows the proper system

to make the operation easy and quick. They are ready after a long time of planning and the Team has a lot more features to significantly change in the food ordering industry.

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