Simpheal – simply healing your pain without the chase with the best offers and delivery at the fastest pace.

Saving lives that Simpheal achieved during the pandemic  -10 aged persons survived by the immediate supply service of  Oxygen cylinders!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are the words’ heal.’

Post covid one thing is crystal clear that no matter who you are, where you are, delivery of healthcare services at the right time is of grave relevance. In the present times, healthcare and associated services have aced the market graphs tremendously. But the point of relevance lies in the fact that are they even accessible to the common masses at the right time with the least burden of bills attached?

Out of sight out of mind. After all, everything irrespective of its nature begins just with an idea. An idea that can revolutionize the very outcome and stand out to be exemplary.

No great ideas come to become leading examples in a day. Certainly, the story here as well goes to the sweat and blood put into the execution of this remarkable idea of Simpheal. The CEO- Mr. Tirthankar Chakraborty, suffered the pain of the common masses of medical emergencies with his father falling severely sick in 2019. He wanted to find a solution to all the chaos he had to juggle with running through the streets to find the prescribed medicines from the right pharmacy. So he came up with this proposal and along with another major pillar of the company –  Chief Operating Officer Niranka Pal at Simpheal Informatics Pvt. Ltd. They launched this online platform in the year 2021.

SIMPHEAL is an online platform for all your pharmaceutical requirements. You get all pharmacies across the city to enlist in it. It began with the vision of connecting Bharat Users to any pharmacist they trust and ordering medicines with a single click on their Medtech application- an online platform. It aims to construct the largest community and network of medical retailers with the paramount online consumer community. It is the nation’s first hyperlocal medicine delivery service provider for the availability of medicines at your doorstep. It is also working on the path of detecting fake medicines in the market.

As it is an online outlet there is no monument incremental resources required. Thus making this business model more efficient in terms of scalability. As a positive outcome SIMPHEAL has reached  1000+ people in Kolkata and its surrounding suburbs. On board, the company has successfully channeled 60+ chemist shops without diluting its brand. Their customer retention rate is above 37%, the user retention rate is  70% and the CAGR is almost 22%.

What can be more noteworthy than saving lives that Simpleheal achieved during the pandemic  -10 aged persons survived by the immediate supply service of  Oxygen cylinders!

SIMPHEAL is illuminating the easy accessibility and transparency of pharmaceutical services through technology and hyper-local super fast delivery. Not just that but one can also compare the prices and other offers available on the product via the application. What makes the application unique and the best investment for the investors and the consumer community is that they focus primarily on the following:

1) Hyperlocal Superfast Delivery.

2) Real-time healthcare data.

3)Collaborative marketing with businesses

 4) All medicines are available, accessible and transparent.

 5) Fake medicine detector.   With the advancement of technology and the urgency in the delivery of health care products and services, the Indian healthcare arena should also develop at a faster rate. Gone are the days of hopping from one drugstore to another, now is the time for more investment in online platforms just like Simpheal. Increasing ageing population and rising per capita public expenditure on health will drive the demand for healthcare IT services in India, an extremely huge market, and large uncapped niche, thus it is the  right time to invest in SIMPHEAL for investors.

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