Meet the Artist, Poet, Author, Singer, Writer, Entrepreneur, rebel with a cause, fighter, survivor Manjari Narayan.

Manjari Narayan was born inJamshedpur, Jharkhand. A major chunk of her childhood was spent in Mumbai. She studied in Villa Theresa Convent Mumbai and passed out of Sophia College, Mumbai from where she attained her B A Psychology Major degree. Manjari wanted to become a professor but life had other plans. She got married at the age of 21 and due to her husband’s busy schedule, she started developing keen interest in social work. She would go to remote villages and give an ear to the problems of village people.

She carried out sanitation awareness programs in villages through pamphlets, brochures, posters and magic shows and informed the villagers about the benefits of using toilets as against going to the fields. She arranged for health camps and eye camps, donated towards the Tsunami and flood relief funds and arranged for the dowry of a dalit girl. Manjari also distributed blankets amongst leprosy patients and people living on the streets among many.

She continues to wipe tears of those suffering and tries to help them in whatever manner possible with the limited resources that she has. She has a special liking for animals and tries to provide them food if they happen to visit her doorstep.

Manjari wrote her first book ‘Musings’ in 2015. Her three titles “Musings,” “Where East meets West,” and “Chitthi Tumhare Naam Ki” are available on Amazon.

In 2020, Manjari developed keen interest in the Urdu language and wrote many Hindi and Urdu poems. She has composed the tune of some of the ghazals written by her and has even sung them beautifully. She plans to set up her Youtube Channel one day where music lovers will get an opportunity to listen to her mellifluous voice.

Manjari has shown interest in art and drawing since her childhood days but it was during the pandemic era that she really picked up this talent. She has done paintings on myriad themes and experimented with various media. Her latest paintings “Krishna the Allurer” series which depicts scenes from Lord Krishna’s life and the eternal romance between him and Radha, is available on the link:

Manjari is an optimist and an idealist who doesn’t fit in the present-day milieu and her views are often considered as outmoded. She has been criticised for standing up for what is right. However, despite all hurdles, she continues to wipe away tears and bring happiness into the lives of the less privileged. She feels that women in our country are a miserable lot and, given an opportunity she would like to do her bit for the upliftment of the girl child.

Manjari runs her own blog where you can find some of the works done by her in recent years. Click @manjarinarayan to follow her on instagram and do not miss out her collection of paintings from “Krishna the Allurer” series on the given link:

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