Logicview IT Solutions- Providing the Most Affordable Digital Marketing Services in Warangal

Logicview is an IT Solutions Company which was established in the year 2011. The company is known to provide the best solution for all kinds of start-up business websites and specialises in software development, web designing, web development and mobile-app development.

The company’s mission is to enhance the business growth of their customers with creative Design and Development and deliver high-quality solutions which create value and reliable competitive advantage for their clients. Besides following a client-centric approach, the company’s strategic planning on design and development and detailed analysis on the client’s requirement documentation has made Logicview the most trusted IT Solutions Provider for numerous organisations.

The company’s founder Upendar’s professional life started by working in the hardware job market in the year 2001. Upendar recalls an incident from his initial working days when he was asked to solve a situation for his client who wanted to hire an employee. When he came across the problem that giving out ads in the newspaper only led freshers to join the course for a month, learn accounting package and then switch jobs, Upendar realised the need and importance of developing software. He was of the opinion that if a custom software is built without accounting know-how, the issue could be resolved.

Later on from 2006 to 2009, Upendar worked as a faculty in a computer institute where he was offered very low salary. Determined to turn the tables, Upendar took up the matter with the MD and decided to teach PGDCA, DTP and multimedia and web design to the students. Even after sticking to a rigorous routine, the salary wasn’t satisfactory for him and so, when he was offered the job of a program developer in a software company established by his own student in 2010, he happily switched jobs. After the company shut down, a year later, Upendar paved the path to set-up his own software company and in April 2011, the website domain for the company was registered and started its services with just two people. Today, after 10 years of developing different types of softwares and websites and learning about various subjects and lessons, Upendar takes pride in successfully catering to medium and large businesses in providing them with IT solutions.

Based in Warangal, Telangana, Logicview also offers a wide range of their own products such as LogicviewERP, LogicviewCRM, Schoolerpapp, petrolpumpledger, parapathi sangam. The company’s heads strongly believe in providing software solutions, web designing and development services to their customers at the most competitive price in the market. They are of the opinion that “Good Service is bell of new lead” and are focused to extend their services across all India.

During Upendar’s teaching journey, the word ‘Logic’ was highly used. In order to find a solution logically for every problem, he finally decided to name his establishment ‘LOGICVIEW’. Additionally, to meet the needs of changing market trends, Logicview also provides Digital Marketing Services which opens the door to endless possibilities for brands who wish to establish their presence over various social media platforms. Logicview’s creative design planning which is mobile/tablet and desktop friendly is curated with pro illustration for catering to different businesses and offers options to choose between Retina ready, shortcodes, HTML5 and CSSS3, Responsive design, Bootstrap and WP Support. The highly specialised team of professionals at Logicview make sure to cater to individual requirements and provide customised software solutions which truly reflect the business requirements of every organisation.

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