Life is a canvas to paint your goals and dreams  with hard work and patience: Coach Raju Patel

With the advent of advanced technologies, modern lifestyle no doubt has become easier, yet is subjected to many problems. These problems eventually accumulate as a burden on human beings leading them suffer in many ways. Today, man is struggling to find peace in life and searching for ways to succeed crossing all these hurdles. A true mentor in such a situation is the need of the hour in almost every person’s life.

Paradoxically many professionals like motivational speakers, life coaches, mental trainers, and meditation trainers are playing a major role in giving solutions to people who are stuck in their lives due to varied complications and find purpose in life. They help people to channelize their focus and utilize their energy and dedication to what they do and achieve success in their respective professions.

A name, must to be mentioned here is Raju Patel, a life coach, success guru, and meditation coach. This 23-year-old trainer from Patna has been working to make thousands of people’s lives easier. His organization Raju Patel Training Academy has been able to transform more than 1000 people. Through his organization, Raju has conducted hundreds of webinars and seminars to teach people about meditation, spirituality, and finding purpose in life.

However, Mr. Patel’s beginning was not different from any other youngster of the nation. After pursuing a good education he wanted to take the path that is less traveled. He started his career in digital marketing which involved direct selling. He used to work hard and achieve great targets and hustled all the way. He was running his roller coaster ride in life.

Raju Patel’s  life took a turn when he joined Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Bada Business program. The new phase of his career started as an IBC where he worked diligently. His profound experience in digital marketing and direct selling came in handy for him. There he received an opportunity to travel across the world

 where he was privileged to meet successful people, celebrities, and influencers. He even got an opportunity to meet renowned personalities and social stars like Mr. Sonu Sood, Mr, Sunil Shetty, Mr. Deepak Chopra, and many more.

Raju Patel shares knowledge and experience with many people to uplift them in their lives. He is very passionate about helping people and thus makes them realize their goals and dreams. He further assists them by providing them with the tools, support, and guidance to achieve the same.

Mr. Patel strongly believes that meditation is an essential weapon that one can use to climb the stairs to success in life. He is on a mission to spread meditation creating a global network of people who practice, support, and share the benefits of meditation. He wants to demonstrate meditation as a way to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Thus, by building a communal network he believes we can make it easier to learn and practice meditation easily and get benefits from this life-enhancing practice.

Mr. Patel puts forth the opinion that meditation helps people get rid of obstacles in life and overcome challenges. He foresees uplifting meditation for the betterment of life. He also believes that meditation connects people and strengthens the bond between them. Thus society will be stronger and more sustainable to maintain harmony. Moreover, it’ll be helpful to unleash the full potential of everyone. Eventually, it leads to creating healthy and balanced lives for every individual.

So far from his organization, Raju Patel has given more than 200 seminars. He has handled 500+ webinars successfully. These are all to improve the life of a common man and introduce their dreams and goals to them. He has guided and inspired thousands of young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He’s the best to train and counsel people. He is stepping towards building a well and sustained society for a better future. A mentor with a purpose to reform people’s lives, Raju Patel is an exemplary embodiment to the coaching industry of the country.

Durvesh Yadav

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