It’s All About Home Kavya, a leading one-stop home decor store, Founded by Shivam Patidar

Home Kavya, founded and based in Ratlam, specializes in all interior products like plywood, laminates, wall panels, wallpapers, PVC flooring, collages, vertical gardening, WPC/PVC panels, curtains & blinds, wall antiques, and a huge range of interior products.

The founder of the company, Shivam Patidar, started his career in photography. It was not passion but a business mindset that made him opt for this career. He was successful in photography but dissatisfied with the industry so planned to change his career and took a step into the wallpaper industry. He started with the retail counter, then expanded his wallpaper business to wholesale as well. But this was not enough and he came up with the idea of making Home Kavya a one-stop solution for all your home décor needs. The idea behind Home Kavya is to make every person’s dream home interior come true.

This journey of Home Kavya started in 2018 and faced a great loss due to the pandemic. This huge loss did not make Shivam give up on his dreams but gave him time to think more about business expansion. He utilized the time and designed the whole website all by himself during that period of the pandemic. The journey was not as easy as it feels while reading, but as it is said, life is not a bed of roses. A business works only when you are ready to take the challenges and risks.

Home Kavya now offers homeowners customized and efficient home designs that balance functionality and aesthetics. They have everything you need to match your style and needs, from sophisticated living room designs to space-saving and clutter-free interior designs. It has a wide range of products, from wall papers to PVC flooring, and everything in between.

He started with Ratlam, and then expanded his supply networkto Rajasthan, Gujrat, and now all over MP. With the view to making Home Kavya a brand and a go-to choice for everyone and to provide the best services possible, Home Kavya now offers On-Site Service to its clients. The service providers bring catalogs to the site for selection so that you can just sit back and relax and let Home Kavya do all the work for you. 

His goal is to make “Home Kavya” a brand in India by opening franchises across the country. Offering franchising opportunities, he gives independent small business owners the benefits of big business networks. Also, if you believe that a franchise must be expensive, you are mistaken. Home Kavya offers affordable franchise opportunities, allowing many people to realise their dream of becoming a business owner.

He is doing everything possible to see his vision come true and achieve his dream of building “Home Kavya” into a strong and globally accepted brand. Shivam has built the Home Kavya brick by brick, and he will keep doing it with hard work because he is passionate about what he does, and his aim is to work with perseverance until every customer finds the Home Kavya the best option for them.

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