Goutam Mandal Redefines Career Counseling Through Holistic Rediscovery.

The world is changing so fast that building your life, solely depends on how you make it to your career. The advancement in technology has brought many inventions to make things easier. This eventually resulted in many career options to choose from. However, one needs proper guidance to choose that, according to one’s interest in the respective field and demand in the market. Career counselors help in guiding right from choosing the correct option for one’s career to building his/her life on that.

Goutam Mandal, from Kolkata, is a popular career counselor, who is working to guide and show the right path to students and the younger generation. With his brand Holistic Rediscovery, he not only works to help children to deal with examinations but also to make the best in life. He also helps in strengthening mental health and build positive energy in children. As per him, Career Counseling is a crucial pitstop for all students.

 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report says that between 1995 to 1999, the suicide rate of students of overall suicides was 5.2%. But this increased to 8.2% in 2020. A study says that India’s largest population includes the younger generation which falls under 15-29 years, however, every day around 28 students commit suicide.

Before establishing his company, Goutam as Statistician, studied the repercussions of students failing in academics and careers and its negative impact to the generation. He started working with his team to minimize the students’ suicide rate by educating & guiding them.

Goutam believes that to make a child’s life successful, one needs to cultivate the good habits slowly & steadily. Manifesting positivity and color to life helps to succeed and make an impact. So, one needs to understand the complete aspect of a career and its branches to deal with the changes in the near future.

Goutam started his career as a corporate employee and has wide experience working in multinational companies. He has extensive experience of more than 21 years in Information Technology and Process Automation and Knowledge management. It is his love and passion for helping young minds that his interest turned gradually towards life and career counseling. He made up his mind to educate and enlighten children and people about the career options available, to choose from in our current education. He has conducted multiple workshops and seminars for the same.

Goutam officially started his career counseling company, Holistic Rediscovery in 2017. He is a certified career counselor (Green Belt Certification) from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is also an NLP & Positive Psychology Practitioner. He is also serving as a member of the Counselors Council of India.

Goutam believes that just guiding students to opt for the right career option is not enough. Bringing positive change in their habits and positivity in their actions and overall life is necessary. To be successful in the career they choose, requires proper and complete guidance. Holistic Rediscovery makes this happen in many steps like formulating the pathways, study plan, and setting up the milestones through which they can track the progress. Along with this, they are also providing a test series for students for choosing the right career option.

As proper guidance and systematic approach are necessary to succeed in life, Goutam Mandal’s Holistic Rediscovery is working hard to bring that positive change in society. Goutam through his Holistic Rediscovery has a mission to change the career selection culture of society and help to understand the importance of knowing themselves.

Holistic Rediscovery has the long-term vision to provide the access to information of careers, globally. Along with that, they want to be a brand that inspires and ignites the dreams of future generations.

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