Get the Best Gourmet Food Delivered at Your Doorstep with India’s Most Authentic Gourmet Grocery Provider Sattvic Foods

The exquisite taste and appeal brought about by the use of fresh ingredients crafted using traditional methods is what makes gourmet food so different. Moreover, the special ingredients used to present a plate to perfection with the highest nutritional value add to its popularity.

Sattvic Foods is a Goa-based gourmet grocery provider that was started in 2014 by Jeetu Melwani with the goal of serving innovative foods to meet the demands of people’s busy lifestyles now. Their specialties include gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and raw foods, which are known to have a positive impact on people’s health and pranic energy.

The Founder, Jeetu Melwani, is an engineer by profession and has worked in the IT sector for 12 years. His passion for technology aided him greatly in the development of the Sattvic Foods brand. Jeetu states that after returning to India in 2014, he noticed a shortage of quality gourmet food ingredients and therefore decided to establish Sattvic Foods and source them with the same passion and quality checks that one would ensure for their own home.

The journey of working in this industry began while the brain behind this venture, Jeetu Melwani became interested in fitness and health while residing in the USA. As a result, he started consuming more and more organic, natural, and gluten-free foods. He recalls that when he moved to South America in 2013, the lack of options motivated him to start his first business there. Thereafter, when he struggled to find good quality gourmet food ingredients in India, he established Sattvic Foods.

The brand Sattvic Foods sources products directly from the farmer, thereby providing customers with the highest quality, including free samples with every purchase over Rs.500. They offer a wide range of products for customers to choose from, including acacia fibre, activated charcoal, defatted keto-friendly almond meal, vitamin B17 powder, xanthan gum, and others. Apart from this, Sattvic Foods believes in empowering the rural economy, and hence it is based in a village in Goa, thereby empowering the local village women and farmers. In addition, more than 80% of the employees are women who learn organisational skills, English, and computers while working for Sattvic Foods.

In 2015, the company opened its first boutique retail stores in Mumbai and Goa, and the company expanded further, and Jeetu launched his brand’s e-commerce website ( Further, in 2016, his brand was registered as the first brand on Amazon India Grocery as soon as it was launched.

Sattvic Foods also became the first brand to sell rolled oats and steel-cut oats online in India. Since then, the brand has added a variety of incredible products to its selection, including their own cosmetic ingredient under the label “Anaha.” The company has made huge progress since its inception and has served over 7 lakh customers in India through Amazon and their own website.

The demand for these products is not only limited to India but has spread to 15 countries, including the UAE, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Australia, and Chile. As a brand working in this industry for more than 8 years, Saatvic Foods has successfully built a trusted name in the gourmet food space.

Moreover, the team at Sattvic Foods works directly with the farmers to source only the most premium quality available, and products like avocado are shipped directly from the farmer. The brand strongly supports the empowerment of farmers and weaker sections of society, and the workforce comprises more than 90% women, thereby creating a strong social impact. The team at Sattvic Foods continuously challenges itself to improve, innovate, and serve customers with the finest quality products.

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