Experience Mental Clarity, Sinusitis Relief & Improved Eyesight with the Latest JALNETI Bottle

From India to the global market, JALNETI bottle has revolutionized the way we care for our sinuses and eyesight. Packed with advanced features, this unique nasal wash bottle helps to keep our mental clarity sharp, relieves irritating and painful sinusitis easily, and improves our vision. Its ergonomic design enables optimal flow and pressure control as compared to traditional neti pots, making it user friendly and more effective. While benefiting respiratory health in general, JALNETI also defends against infections by keeping sinuses clean. With benefits such as these, it’s no wonder why JALNETI is quickly becoming a must-have for people who value their health!

Covid Warrior Jalneti

Dr Dhananjay Kelkar from Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Pune has done a clinical research on covid prevention with 600+ doctors working with covid positive patients.

Not a single doctor has got covid infection who were doing daily JALNETI. They have clinically documented it. Along with infection prevention like pandemic, Jalneti helps in many more ailments.

Director Dr Satish Suryawanshi (Ayurvedacharya) added that Yogic nasal wash cleansing which is called as Jal Neti is the best and safest method to keep many ailments away including nasal problems


www.jalnetishop.com are the websites where people can purchase it officially our bottles are available on Amazon and Flipkart too simply search for ”Ayurtech biohackerz”

What is Jalneti?

Neti (Sanskrit: नेती netī) is an important part of Hindu Shatkriya (sometimes known as Shatkarma).It is an ancient yogic system of body cleansing procedures. It is intended mainly to clean the air passageways in the head. Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other sources usually suggest to do Neti daily. It has many beneficial effects that range from profound physiological ones on the body, mind and personality to even clairvoyance. The two main variants are jala neti (जलनेति) using water and the more advanced sutra neti (सूत्रनेति) using string.

For this technique, sterilized and lukewarm isotonic salt water is poured into one nostril, so that it leaves through the other. The procedure is then repeated on the other side, and the nose is dried by bending forward and by rapid breathing

Ayurtech Jalneti kit First time in India Made in India Jalneti Bottle with specially formulated Jalneti Salt.

 Forget traditional jalneti pot.now adopt new generation, advanced ball pen button click, Made in India Ayurtech Jalneti bottle for children, adults and everyone.  Its 60° angle makes the flow of water reach the nose in the right pressure.  Separate nasal knob for children and for adults….specially formulated jalneti salt give 100% nasal irrigation with no irritation.  Such a salt which does not contain any free flow agents, iodine or any additive.It is not just plain salt, the world’s most expensive salt, Himalayan pink salt is used, which cleans the sinuses better than simple salt.  Along with this, sodabicarb and xylitol are taken in it.  Due to which the inner sinuses of the nose are cleaned without irritation.  Xylitol produces more rapid and better improvement in symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis than the simple salt.

 This is the time, adopt things made in India.

The design of the bottle allows for controlled flow and pressure, making it user friendly and much more effective than traditional neti pots.

When it comes to personal health, the JALNETI bottle has revolutionized the way people care for their sinuses and eyesight. This unique nasal wash bottle features an ergonomic design that makes it incredibly user friendly and much more effective than traditional neti pots. Its advanced features allow users to easily control the flow and pressure of water when flushing out their sinuses, giving them greater comfort and better results. From India to the global market – this innovative product is quickly becoming a must-have for anyone who values their health!

JALNETI is not only good for relieving sinusitis and improving eyesight, but it can also prevent infection and promote overall good health

A healthy life is not only about feeling good, but also about preventing sickness and infection. For this reason, the JALNETI bottle has become a popular product for those looking to take their health into their own hands – literally! This unique nasal wash bottle can help relieve sinusitis and improve vision, but it can also do so much more. With its advanced design providing optimal flow and pressure control, using the JALNETI Bottle helps keep our sinuses clear of any irritants or infections that could otherwise cause us harm.

 By doing Jalneti daily, the cleanliness of the nose is maintained by removing the dirt and bacteria trapped along with the mucus in the nose.

 It strengthens the sensitive muscles inside the nose, which does not cause rhinitis or allergies.

  Jalneti is beneficial in dealing with asthmatic conditions and making breathing easier.

  Jalneti reduces tinnitus, ringing in the ear and middle ear infections.

  Jalneti helps in reducing the attack of sinusitis or migraine.

  It can reduce symptoms like sore throat, tonsils and dry cough.

  It can clear the tubes of the eye and improve vision.

  Clearing the nasal passages improves the sense of smell and thereby improves digestion.

  It calms the nervous system and mind.  It helps to relieve stress and brings clarity to the mind.

  People have experienced a reduction in their anger by practicing Jal Neti regularly.

  It helps in improving the quality of your meditation.

Ayurtech Biohackerz is also looking for distributors all over the India. You can contact for distributorship to Ayurtech on ayurtechbiohackerz@gmail.com So breath better with AYURTECH JALNETI BOTTLE with special formulated jalneti salt…100% irrigation with no irritation.

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